Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Community Events Active even In Winter

The Cincinnati motorcycle community keeps active even in winter, Just today the Iron Samaritans held a polar bear ride. I hope everyone had a a great time.

 Cyclefest cincinnati passed through here in November down at the convention center. The sons of anarchy were freatured as well as many local bike builders like donny Loos and also my friends from Cycleworks.

Comin up soon is a meeting of all the biker groups that care to participate in organizing their events so they all don't fall on the same day in the summer.

Cincinnati biker life the radio show started this summer by Cincinnati accident injury lawyer Anthony Castelli is going strong with guests from all corners of the world. The Hoka Hey riders led by our local favorite Curtis Belcher was an amazing call in show that night with riders from all over the country calling in including the first place finisher the last two years..

There is so much more to mention but my daughter is kicking me out of the basement with the arrival of her girlfriends for a New year's eve party.  So to find out more action in the Cincinnati Motorcycle community keep up with us on Cincinnati biker life on and have a safe and Happy New Year .

PS:  Remember to contribute to the Ohio biker medical clinic or use it for your uninsured medical needs. Call John Preacherman Harris. I will be announcing about the clinic most every week. Make sure you call ahead

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Riders Their Story On Cincinnati Biker Life

As a Cincinnati Motorcycle rider , motorcycle lawyer and programmer for the radio show Cincinnati Biker Life it was a great honor to do a show on the Hoka Hey Challenge . What the hey is the Hoka Hey you may ask. Many seasoned motorcycle riders have not even heard of the Hoka Hey.

I thank Jimmy Kay of Two Wheel Thunder TV for turning me on to the Hoka Hey and a local rider from Greater Cincinnati Curtis Belcher. A 50 year old postal worker and Free Mason. I learned from Jimmy that the Hoka Hey is the longest motorcycle challenge in the world. Last year the ride went from Florida to Alsaka.

This year the ride was close to 14,000 miles. It started in Phoenix and ended in Nova Scotia. Will Barclay was the winner both years. Last year the first place price was $500,000 and Will pocketed the money. This year although Will was the first one to finish no winner has been declared. There is plenty of controversy surrounding this. But the essence of the ride remains pure and the Spirit of the ride transcends any controversy.

Last night on Cincinnati Biker Life we had the Hoka Hey call in. Hoka Hey Riders from all over the country called into WAIF Cincinnati studio to tell a little of their story. I started taking calls live at 8:28 PM and the last one ended at 9:58 PM.

The callers included Blacky, a 58 year old former Texas game warden that finished this years ride, as well as Will Barclay who collects adventures and did not even reveal his status as first place finisher both years. Junie Rose rider extraordinary crashed and got back up and finished this year. She's trying to get blankets to give to the Sioux. please give her a hand

This is what Barclay wrote on his first year experience:

The Hoka Hey, with all its imperfection, was a breath of fresh air in a world where destructive political correctness and unrealistic expectations and blaming others has become almost universal. As I rode it I was surprised and pleased to see that there are great swaths of North America, even in the lower 48 where there is still abundant wildlife and green space. Where people still socialize from their front porch instead of watching TV. The overwhelming majority of the riders, (though not all) especially those who stuck it out, cherish the experience and want to do it again. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Mark Storey, the rider from Australia who finished second. Ask Ben Hudak who suffered a terrible accident in Canada and came on to Homer in a truck to be with the other challengers. Ask Alex Hood from Colorado who was badly injured in an accident in Arizona and who is signed up to ride again this year. Ask Greg Darby from Florida who used the Hoka Hey to raise many thousands of dollars for lieukemia. Ask them to give up their coins. Read the rider’s stories and blog comments in their own words on the website. No one fooled these people and they are not conspirators. They are teachers and police officers and retirees and middle managers and students and day laborers who had the experience of a lifetime. An experience they could not have duplicated on their own.

Junie says a big part is raising the consciousness of the plight of the American Indians especially the Lakota. Here's an exerpt from Wikepedia about the Hoka Hey:
The inaugural 2010 challenge took participants along a mandatory route on back roads across the United States and Canada. The route scrossed numerous mountain ranges, 33 Indian reservations, 25 national forests, eight deserts and six national parks. Challenge routes travel secondary roads with directions revealed at a series of specific checkpoints. The event guidelines prohibit speeding and require contenders to sleep outside throughout the entire course.
Many of the riders talked about the sleep deprivation and the sprituality they experienced as well as the bond between riders which was evident from all the callers many names I just can't recall.  Here's two video's that give some flesh to the experience though I would not profess to even be close to the experience having just talked to those who did.

Anthony Castelli is a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer the rides a Harley Dyna Low rider

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cincinnati Personal injury Attorney Creates Ohio Motorcycle safety Kit

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I see a lot of broken people with bad injuries. Some of the worst injuries I handle are motorcycle accidents. These accident injury cases run the gamut from highway construction defects, car cutting of motorcyclists, cars violating the motorcyclists' right of way by turning in front of them at intersections or pulling out from stop streets , to rear end collisions.

Also there are passenger claims against the driver of the motorcycle as well. And even accidents between two motorcycle riding together and one failed to watch the roadway ahead. The bottom line though is that motorcyclists often get a raw deal either through their own lack of knowledge or because of prejudices against motorcyclists.

So I wrote The Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families.This has some great information for Ohio motorcyclists. I added to this a tire gauge and a Watch For Motorcycle Bumper Sticker. At the recent Cyclefest Cincinnati I gave out over 200 of these Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kits.

Below is a video of an interview I gave  to  Two Wheel Thunder TV about the Ohio Motorcycle Bible.

 As a personal injury accident lawyer it was an honor to have Jimmy Kay interview me about this book. You can get the book as a free download at my web site.  The Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit is always complimentary . Just catch me at a local Cincinnati motorcycle event and I'd be happy to give one to you.

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli Attorney offers free consultations and is happy to discuss with you How much your injury case is worth , your rights and how to get the value your case merits. Call 513-621-2345

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cincinnati Ohio Biker Lawyer gets million mile biker and former nasvy seal to give 5 best safety tips

As a Cincinnati Ohio Motorcycle accident lawyer it's so great to meet people out of the motorcycle community. My radio show at Cincinnati Biker life has helped me meet so many different motorcycle riders.

Last night on the show I had the privilege to have two ladies from  Lady Riders Against Cancer on my show. These two ladies , were such a joy to talk to . I marveled at the courage and strength and was humbled , as I have been for so many guests, by their courage and willingness to help others. These are lady riders in every sense of the word.

After we finished the interview my good friend Chopper Charlie came on the radio show with lovely Lady Blackjack. Chopper is a million mile rider, close to 70 years old and served in the military under every president from JFK to Busch III. A former navy seal, he was one of the first members of the first group of Navy Seals.

As always he came prepared with stories and 5 key motorcycle safety tips that has kept him out of harms way the last million miles of motorcycle riding. Here they are. I hope  they will keep you safe.

Top five Motorcycle  Safety tips from Chopper Charlie

(1) Assume you're invisible: "ALWAYS" Remember, everything and everybody, is out to kill you ...
Hope for the best, prepare for the Worst.
Assume that [cager] will turn, or pull out in your path ... with or without a turn signals.
Everybody but YOU, has the Right-a-Way if you want to live.
A wreck is a contest between man and metal. - - - Care to guess if Man will lose?

(2) Watch your speed. "ALWAYS" know your bike and it’s capabilities.
The bike will never stop as quickly as you think it should.
Develop an intimate loving relationship with your brakes, especially your front brakes.
Seek out some safe pavement, start slowly, find the fine line between maximum braking and a locked wheel, and then do it again, and again until it becomes part of you.

(3) Check your mirrors often. "ALWAYS" look around you, look off to the sides as well as in front.
Look to see what doesn't belong there? Fine tune your peripheral vision.
Think before you act & leave your ego at home.
Don't ride along next to, or right behind Mr. Peterbilt, or grandpa’s motor home.
If one of those BIG tires blows up? Which they do regularly, it will quickly get ugly.
Unless you just love dodging huge chunks of flying rubber that will kill you.
Keep your distance or better yet ... Speed up to get around them and live.
When you start to pass - - - "Haul Ass" - - - get out of the danger zone as fast as possible.

(4) Pay attention to your riding. "ALWAYS" Stay out of peoples blind spots.
Yes, maybe that is a half-naked girl over there. Meanwhile, you could be drifting toward Big, Big Trouble.
Focus @ 60 MPH you travel 88 feet/sec. Remember, your bike goes where you're looking.
Maybe, that trucker that's about to run your ass over, has a better view of her then you do.

(5) Maintain your ride, check the belt's, chains, etc. "ALWAYS" Make sure your tires are right.
None of this stuff matters unless your skins are right. 

Click here to find a Motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer .I always offer a free consultation if you do everything you should yet a careless auto runs you down

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ohio Motorcycle Deaths and Injury Down Still Too Many

Ohio motorcycle deaths are down but there are still too many injuries and deaths that could be avoided.   In fact there is a lead story in the Columbus paper about the decrease of fatal motorcycle accidents in Ohio.

The Dayton paper reported on Ohio motorcycle crashes being down. The Hamilton Journal news reported on motorcycle crashes being down. Here's the actual statistics:

Motorcycle crashes and fatalities
State of Ohio:
2011 to date: 2,919 crashes; 120 deaths
2010: 4,382 crashes; 168 deaths
2009: 4,183 crashes; 161 deaths
Butler County
2011 to date: 82 crashes; 2 deaths
2010: 131 crashes; 6 deaths
2009: 99 crashes; 3 deaths
Hamilton County
2011 to date: 183 crashes; 7 deaths
2010: 259 crashes; 4 deaths
2009: 270 crashes; 8 deaths
Warren County
2011 to date: 41 crashes; 1 death
2010: 80 crashes; 3 deaths
2009: 71 crashes; 5 deaths
Montgomery County
2011 to date: 112 crashes; 2 deaths
2010: 182 crashes; 8 deaths
2009: 156 crashes; 3 deaths
Greene County
2011 to date: 50 crashes; no deaths
2010: 62 crashes; 3 deaths
2009: 57 crashes; 1 death
Source: Ohio Department of Public Safety

 However I would argue that part of the reason is the inordinate rain this summer . In fact with the beautiful days we've had lately there has been a spate of crashes. The run the gamut from the car turning in front of the motorcycle, failing to yield the right of way , to single motorcycle crashes and injury to passengers of motorcycle crashes.  Of course there is still some good riding weather left and the crash date for 2011 is to date. Though with 2919 crashes it does appear that this is a substantial reduction from all of 2010 when there was 4382.

But don't tell this to the families that have lost a loved one to a motorcycle crash wrongfully caused. I've read about plenty of Ohio motorcycle deaths recently .As a motorcycle accident lawyer it's hard to believe the double wammy of motorists acting ignorantly and bikers failing to control their motorcycles. Ricky Perkins was killed when a car came across three lanes of traffic. Timothy Verdinski was killed when a motorist turned in front of him. Both negligent acts of the auto drivers. Melinda Hipsher just died while riding as a passenger when a motorcyclist lost control.

Construction sites can be virtual traps for the motorcyclist. At least now ODOT doesn't use blackout tape for more that two weeks anymore since a motorcyclist I represent was killed as a result of worn and slippery tape.

Click here to find an Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Attorney And Cincinnati Biker Life

Cincinnati Biker Life is the new radio show in town for greater Cincinnati Motorcycle riders. Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli produces directs and is the programmer of this show for bikers.

the show even has a new tricked out facebook page At the risk if this link not working you can also go to
This should take you to the wall.

A recent article in road Wheeler magazine a well as Thunder Roads has helped swell the audience to state wide if not nationwide given the live usstream it ports over on your computer. What started as a summer replacement show now has become a permanent fixture for bikers from all walks of life to enjoy. Listen to the musuc you love. If you don't hear something you want to hear just call us at the station at 749-1444 and we will add it to the play lists.

The guests have been varied , interesting and genuine in their love of the biker community whether they be hardcore bikers or supporters of veteran bikers. Any group is invited to come on the radio show and promote theie event. We would love to have you as a guest and give you every opportunity to tell your unique story.

It's great that WAIF FM Cincinnati has given us this chance. You can even become a programmer there yourself as several spots are open. You can go to to lear more about the station

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohio Motorcycle Riders Death Preventable by Cincinnati Biker Lawyer

Ohio Motorcycle Riders are being killed and their deaths could have been prevented. The biggest killer in motorcycle car crashes is the car driver failing to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist. A motorcycle rider has the right to drive without a car pulling into its path.

Some car drivers are just not taking the time to look properly before they pull out. How many have been guilty of rolling up to a stop sign, not even completely stopping, taking a quick look and pulling out into traffic.

You may get away with careless driving, but it only takes that one time to destroy forever a family by pulling out in front of a motorcycle and killing the rider or seriously causing them an injury

Just recently a young man motorcycle rider lost his life in Middletown. Ricky Perkins was killed when a motorist pulled out in front of him . The motorist pulled from a gas station. This car driver failed to yield the right of way. One wonders if they will use the tired excuse of " the motorcyclist must have been speeding." That's a common defense used against motorcyclists.

That's why its's important to canvass the area for any witnesses . And hire a motorcycle crash accident reconstructionist that knows how to document the scene and determine that the car driver was at fault. I represented a motorcycle rider that was killed, known legally aw a wrongful death and the Gps of the motorcyclist was used to establish position in the roadway.

This case involved a potentially drunk drugged driver and the insurance company Allstate still had to be pushed to pay their policy limits that were only $100,000. This is not fair compensation for the loss death of a father, son, husband, but it was all that was available and did help the widow with financial hardship.

Unfortunately this motorcycle riders death won't be the last motorcycle rider to die because a car driver was careless, texting, drunk, talking on a cell phone or just pain negligent

By greater Cincinnati Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer Anthony Castelli . Anthony has represented many motorcycle riders for injury or their family for the wrongful death of a motorcyclist. He wrote the book The Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and their families . Click on this link for a free down download of The Ohio Motorcycle Bible

Do You need a Cincinnati Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney 1-800-447-6549 Free Evaluation

Watch This Video to Learn if you are seriously injured in an motorcycle accident what to do about it and 9 keys reasons to hire a Cincinnati Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I was injured on my motorcycle what kind of lawyer should I get

There are a ton of lawyers that billl themselves as motorcycle attorneys. But just because they put the word motorcycle in front of their name does not mean they are skilled in that area.

Many attorneys put the words motorcycle accident or injury in front of the word lawyer, but have never ridden a motorcycle. Find out if they even own a mototcycle . Find out if the they are involved in the motorcycle community.

But also remember just because a lawyer rides a motorcycle does not mean they are a skilled advocate let alone a trial lawyer. Here is a video interview that can answer three keys things when you what to know what your motorcycle case is worth and who can really help you .

Also I invite any motorcycle accident injury victim to go to my web site and read the articles on motorcycle accidents and watch the videos about what you should do to protect your rights. Especially if you are near Blue Ash, Milford Mason or the surrounding areas you are just around the corner from my Cincinnati office at I-275 and montgomery road.

You can also find the Ohio Motorcycle Bible the Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and their families at my web site. I offer it as an educational service to bikers. I'm so tired of seeing them get ripped up by big insurance or lawyers that just don't have a clue so I wrote this book to educate bikers. .

Here is a link to help you get what your motorcycle accident injury case is worth. It's a free download for the Ohio motorcycle bible.

If you would like a personal free case evaluation call me at 1-800-447-6549. As a rider , a trial lawyer and an author of the Ohio motorcycle Bible I like to think that I bring to the table the experience necessary to get results.#0 years and over 25 injurry trials

i w

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motorcyle Life in Cincinnati Events With Soul

Not that I'm an expert om Biker life in Greater Cincinnati, but here are some of my thoughts about what I've experienced since getting to know some in the biker community.

Lets talk about motorcycle events. The past week I've been to the memorial ride this past Sunday for Matt Maupin. Although I did not ride in it I was there for the morning portion outside the yellow ribbon center. I had seen the ride advertised and called the center to ask someone to be a guest on the radio show I've started hosting Cincinnati Biker Life on

I spoke with Keith Maupin and last week. Keith along with Erika and Todd May, the local president of the CMA the Damascus warriors, who was helping set up the run, they all came on the radio show. Three days later I was at the Matt Maupin ride. There I saw Russ Clear , a mountain of a man and former trouble man give the sermon . I got to meet him afterward and invited him to be on the show . So as I write this I'm looking forward to Russ coming on the show in less than 24 hours.

I also picked up some literature at the Maupin ride from the epilesy foudation. From it I saw they were having a free program this past Tuesday which I attended . The program focused on tramatic epilepsy and mild traumatic brain injury , known to be the "signature" injury to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr Kathleen Chard spoke about this and ptsd. Here's a great article that mentions her and post traumatic stress disorder.

I feel very blessed and enriched to have been at these events. It's a marvel to me that they have led me where they have. Some how I'm being led to see people with such heart , such soul, with much to give and much appreciation for living life.

You an go to all the Quaker Steak bike nights and the Harley nights and enjoy yourself and talk to some very nice people. But the character of the event is not the same as an event that's being thrown for a cause , a memory , a charity. The feel is different. I go , pitch my tent and offer to anyone interested the Ohio Mototcycle Bible a book I wrote called The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families, and my Watch for Motorcycle Bumper Stickers. So I'm their for business and pleasure. But it's just not the same as going to an event that's put on out of love.

I'll be looking for those "heart with soul" or "soul with heart" events. They feed a part of me that needs to be fed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cincinnati Biker Life Motorcycle Talk and Music

The radio show Cincinnati Biker Life is poised to start its fourth episode this Friday. The show features special guests each week, music, safety tips, legal tips, upcoming events and the week that was.

The show seeks to shed light on the motorcycle community in Greater Cincinnati Ohio. People have prejudices against biker. This show seeks to dispel those myths as well as entertain the Greater Cincinnati biker community and non biker community alike. Additionally I like to announce the upcoming comminity motorcycle events.

I don't get overly technical on the show . My goal is to bring a fresh approach to the motorcycle community and have interesting and entertaining guests for part of the show. Since the program runs 2 hours there is ample opportunity to speak with one or two guests about who they are and what their motorcycle life is like.

However the show is not primarily a talk show as there is plenty of diverse music to enjoy. Just what is biker music? My definition is any music that anyone rides a motorcycle enjoys. I'm always open to requests and do not limit the genre of music I play.

The guest list is surprsing and eclectic. Although I tend to look for someone with a connection to motorcycling other that the fact they love to ride. That in and of itself qualifies you as a guest. So far the guest list has included three Cincinnati Chrome Divas, 2 veterans , one a former Navy seal and one a drill instuctor that have riden thousands of miles without mishap and the local presidnet of Rolling Thunder. This week features Harley Girl, an extraordinary lady motorcyclist and a Cincinnati judge.

Upcoming guest will hopefully include Reverand Robert Beagle the Biker Reverand, a Cincinnati motorcycle cop, a father of an autistic child putting together a ride for autism , and the owners of a motorcycle dealership and even a well known local Chiropracter that rides .

I wasn't born to follow . Were you?

I'd love to annonce your event , run, charity event. Just contact me at 621-2345 .
O yes the show is on WAIF FM Cicncinnati 88.3. Or you can go to and stream it live on your computer . Friday from 12-2pm during the summer And now Thursday nights from 8PM -10. Or call me at the station at 749-1444. email at We are always looking for interesting guests. This is your show so please let me know what you would like to hear .


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Community Chrome Divas and More

The Cincinnati motorcycle Community was treated to a fantastic weekend of charity events. I got a chance to go to two out of three that I knew of . There may have been more.

On Saturday I stopped by Tri Couny Harley where they were holding a fundraiser for Alicia Lang who suffers from cystic fibrosis. She in in need of a lung transplant as she only has 30% lung capacity. She requires a double lung transplant. Even after insurance pays there will be over $250,000 of bills to pay.

I got to hear this brave young lady thank the crowd for their support. The fundraiser was well attended . The band Prisoner donated their performance and there were many volunteers , a lot were from the local HOG chapter.

On Sunday I made it out to the Cincinnati Chrome Divas Bikini motorcycle - car wash for the fight against breast cancer. The Divas raise funds to support the Susan Komen foundation. These ladies washed motorcycles and cars from 1-6 non stop. I was amazed at how hard they worked and the detail they gave to each motorcycle and car. They also had some great bands and some friendly vendors including a tatoo artist.

I actually had my own booth with my free give away items , tire gauges , watch for motorcycle bumper stickers , and the Ohio Motorcycle Bible. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. Extra special was meeting many of the Divas such as Nichole , their founder, T Rex , the new president and Leggs, one of the founding members.

They had a bike contest that I got to be one of the judges with 3 places awarded . The bike I picked for first came in second. It was owned by Rory Wilson - Preacher. Preacher then officiated at a wedding service at the end of the charity event. Talk about an event that had everything, where everyone had a great time for a serious cause. This was it.

For those of you that asked about my ride here's a homemade video with a message.

O yes the one event I missed was the Iron Samaritans outreach at Washington park. I 'm sure they filled the bellies of many in need with some great food as well as providing a friendly supportive presence.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcyclist Killed Police Lookig for Witnesses

Sadly I saw in todays paper that a motorcyclist was killed and that the police are looking for witnesses. Call 513-352-2514 to contact them.

There were several troubling aspects to the very brief article. One was the headline that read: Motorcyclist Crashes, Is Struck by a Car. The implication is the motorcycle rider crashed and then was hit by the car inferring fault on the motorcyclist. However when you read the article it starts with .. "a motorcyclist was struck and killed by a motorist."

Then it says that the motorcycle was heading north on Este and the driver was heading south when the man on the motorcycle went down and was struck as the driver was making a left hand turn into the parking lot.

This then appears to be a car driver violating the motorcyclists right of way. But the headline shouts the wrong message. Violation of the Right of Way is often cause of motor vehicle motorcycle crashes.This occurs when a car driver is attempting to turn at an intersection or pulls from a stop street, into the path of an oncoming motorcycle rider and a crach accident results.

In passing it was noted that the motorcyclist had a helmet on and that alchohol was not an issue. I'm not even sure what to make of those comments , but I guess they are deemed important by the media and possibly by extension to the public. Of course Ohio is a non helmet state except for novices.

by Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer Anthony Castelli

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cincinnati Biker Life Radio Show By Cincinnati Motorcycle Attorney Anthony Castelli

Cincinnati Biker life a Cincinnati motorcycle radio show by Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Castelli is set to debut on Friday June 3rd at 12pm. The two hour show will be an exciting blend of biker music and talk and interview.

The show will be on 88.3 FM WAIF Cincinnati. The show will run through the summer. What makes this show different from anything else on the local or even national scene is its emphasis on biker life particularly in Cincinnati.

I have been planning this show for 6 months. "Biker" music will be a staple, whatever that is. Any music I like is fair game , especially the songs that speak to freedom and living free. Everyone that rides a motorcycle could find themselves a topic of conversation. I have invited motorcycle groups to come on the whether traditional or non-traditional.

The show will seek to dispel some of the negative myths surrounding bikers by interviewing some of the greater Cincinnati motorcycle groups that dedicate themselves to charitable events.

Cincinnati motorcycle riders are invited to make this show their own and call in their upcoming events and make requests for music they care about.
On tap as guests are the Cincy Chrome Divas, The Patriot Guard, The Iron Samaritans, and Cincinnati Motorcycle cops. Hopefully their will be some local tatoo artists as well as master bike builders.

Come and enjoy Cincinnati biker life with Cincinnati Motorcycle attorney Anthony Castelli at 88.3 FM

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ohio Motorcycle Bible Just Released to the Public

The Ohio Motorcycle Bible was just released to the public. This book written by biker Ohio attorney Anthony Castelli has a wealth of information for the Ohio motorcycle riding community.

Here's part of a press release from Word Association the publisher.

n his new book for Ohio motorcyclists, The Ohio Motorcycle Bible, personal injury trial attorney Anthony Castelli gives motorcyclists an invaluable resource, covering everything from biker safety to biker insurance to biker clubs - as well as solid advice about what to do in case of an accident. As an experienced trial attorney and motorcycle rider, Anthony knows the unique risks motorcyclists face from other drivers and from big insurance. Anthony explains what steps to take to protect yourself financially, so that you can be prepared to overcome even the most serious motorcycle injury in the unfortunate event of a crash that is a result of the carelessness of another driver. Anthony exposes myths about motorcyclists. He exposes big insurance dirty tricks. Motorcyclists are not second-class citizens. They do great things because they are great people, from all walks of life. Anthony is tired of bikers not getting fair treatment just because they ride a motorcycle. This book is intended to help you, the motorcyclist, get justice.

You can buy the book at

Or get your free download of the Ohio Motorcycle Bible here.

We are grateful to TWO WHEEL THUNDER for their interview and review of the book.

Anthony is happy to answer your questions an no charge . He will speak with you personally at 1-800-447-6549

The Ohio Motorcycle Bible Just Released to the Public

The Ohio Motorcycle Bible was just released to the public. This book written by biker Ohio attorney Anthony Castelli has a wealth of information For the Ohio motorcycle riding community.

Here's part of a pres release from Word association the publisher.

n his new book for Ohio motorcyclists, The Ohio Motorcycle Bible, personal injury trial attorney Anthony Castelli gives motorcyclists an invaluable resource, covering everything from biker safety to biker insurance to biker clubs - as well as solid advice about what to do in case of an accident. As an experienced trial attorney and motorcycle rider, Anthony knows the unique risks motorcyclists face from other drivers and from big insurance. Anthony explains what steps to take to protect yourself financially, so that you can be prepared to overcome even the most serious motorcycle injury in the unfortunate event of a crash that is a result of the carelessness of another driver. Anthony exposes myths about motorcyclists. He exposes big insurance dirty tricks. Motorcyclists are not second-class citizens. They do great things because they are great people, from all walks of life. Anthony is tired of bikers not getting fair treatment just because they ride a motorcycle. This book is intended to help you, the motorcyclist, get justice.

You can buy the book at

Or get your free download of the Ohio Motorcycle Bible here.

We are grateful to TWO WHEEL THUNDER for their interview and review of the book.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cycle Safe Clermont County Abate Motorcycle Safety

Abate of Clermont County on Saturday held an event called CycleSafe.
The idea was to promote motorcycle safety to riders and to the general public.

They had a great day . By 9:00 AM they were already putting up signs, cooking food and making ready for the 11 Am starting time. The had joint oaks vocational ride smart teachers there. They had the british bike club, the Miamai township fire and the local police motorcycle riders showing biking manuevers.

I was there as a vendor passing out motorcycle safety stuff. We had our Watch for Motorcycles Bumper Sticker , tire guages so you can perform T-Clocks (motorcycle bike check before you ride) . We also had hot off the presses the Ohio Motorcycle Bible which we were giving aways.

You can get this book at Click here for the amazon link to the Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families or wait till it comes out as a free ebook download on my web site

They also had some awesome stunt riders along with many other booths. I even renewed my old acquantance with Dick my motorcycle trainer.

I met a lot of great people one again. It was a great educational event and a lot of fun. Ken Howell th leader of the district and all his many volunteers did a great job.

by Cincinnati Motorcycle accident lawyer Anthony Castelli

Cincinnati Motorcycle Bike Blessing Can Prevent Accidents

Recently I went to the Bike blessing held by the Iron Samaritans in Cincinnati Ohio. Although it was a rainy day the spirits were not dampened.

The comraderie was great. The band was great. The food was great. and Brad Johansen gave an inspiring talk.

Of course then everyone's bike was prayed over for the person of the rider to be safe for the year. Do these bike blessings really work ? Always the doubting Thomas I wondered.

No one there made any claim that they did or did not. No one there preached to me. They all just prayed for each other in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Certainly there is a raising of the consciouness that one is riding with the protection of a Higher Power. What this does at least is brings home the fact that you still need to do the footwork. You need to stay up on your riding skills. Get proper training. And continue to learn about tips that could save your life.

A free ebook dowload will be available soon of the book The Ohio Motorcycle Bible at Cincinnati motorcycle practice injury attorney center of Anthony Castelli

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Attends Harley Davidson and Gets a Surprise

Cincinnati Motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Casteli attended the Harley
Davidson of Cincinnati open house. The weather was beautiful and the crowd was friendly.
Since May is motorcycle month I thought it would be a good way to promote motorcycle safety with our WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES bumper stickers.

We offer them to Ohio residents for free. We also got a chance to try out my new tent. My good friend Gary Strayhorn gave me a helping hand putting it up. Then my staff showed up with Heather covering the first part of the day. Ginger and Victoria covered the second half.

The surpise was Jimmy and Pat Kay brought my ride n roll dice run materials. The Ride n Roll Dice Run is an all summer event . People sign up to be sponsors which I did. Anyone that wants to enter the contest has to go to one of the sponsors locations and get there passport. There are close to 150 sponsors spread throughout Ohio. It costs nothing to enter.

All you do is roll the dice at every sponsor you go to so that you can get a high point total. The winner gets $5000.So the idea is to visit as many sponsors as possible and roll the dice. There are many other prizes you can win.

I welcome you to stop by to enter the contest. We are excited and looking forward to making many new biker friends . If you have any questions you can contact me at 1-800-447-6549 or go through our Ohio motorcycle accident practice center

Or visit us at the ohio motorcycle safety and injury help blog You can access the motorcycle garage from there for safety tips and videos. you can even build your own motorcycle and email it to a friend

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Upcoming Events by Cincinnati Biker Lawyer

May is motorcycle month. And motorcycle activities and events are getting underway. Cincinnati motorcyclists don't have to take a back seat to anyone. While some major events are planned up north, right here in our home town are some pretty cool motorcycle events.

This Saturday, April 30 the Cincinnati Chrome Divas are holding their annual golf outing. These lady bikers are really going to do it up in fine fashion. Get out there to support them. The event starts early. You can take that in and then head over to Harley Davidson of Cincinnati on Tennessee avenue.

They are having an open house from 11-6 pm. Prizoner is playing music and there's food and plenty of prizes. We are going to stop by and have plenty of WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLE free bumper stickers to give out.

Also April 30th is the warriors for children ride It starts at Pegs Pub at 11:30 am.

On Sunday May 1 the Iron Samaritans are having their annual biker blessing.

McDonnell Commons Park
7451 Dawson Road
Madeira, OH

More Info Iron Samaritans 3rd Annual Bike Blessing - FREE
Registration will begin at 10:00 until Noon
Free Lunch at 1:00
Guest Speaker - Brad Johansen
Blessing at 3:00
Gateway Trucking safety display
Music by One80
Free ride, free food, and door prizes.
Family freindly event
Rain date May 15th

I'm sure I'm missing something. If you can't get out or just in the meantime check out the ohio motorcycle garage or the blog motorcycle safety awareness and injury help of Ohio

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Medical and Dental Help for Bikers

There is a way to get free medical and dental help to Bikers thanks to John (preacherman) Harris.In this economy this can be a Godsend. Bikers children are of course welcome.
John founded the Ohio Medical clinic for Bikers in Lexington Ohio. the clinic is open 12-4 on Saturdays and is located at 2770 Lexington avenue, Lexington, Ohio.

There is also several cities where free Dental clinics are available including Cincinnati, Ohio.These clinics are partnering with the Ohio Biker Medical Clinic In order to get dental treatment you need to cal John Harris at 1-419-610-1027 and he will coordinate you visit to the clinic.

John is also the Reverand at Covenant Church in Lexington. This clinic gets a lot of support from attorney Ralph Buss. In fact it was his article in Ridin On magazine that turned me on to this clinic. I immediately picked up the phone to find out the particulars from John Harris .

The clinic survives off donations from bikers and bikers groups. You can send your donation to
Ohio medical clinic pob 3166 lexington Ohio 44904. Again we see the biker spirit shining thru to help brother and sister bikers. The biker community is truly amazing . The general public needs to see just how much bikers give to one another . And if treated with respect bikers will be there in anyone's time of need . We don't discriminate. Look past our bikes , our clothes, our hair, our tatoos. Don't judge someone's insides by their outsides.

by Cincinnati Motorcycle accident Lawyer Anthony Castelli

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Motorcycle Lane Splitting is Just Unsafe

Motorcycle lane splitting is just plain unsafe. Please don't do it. The practice of motorcycle lane splitting is riding a motorcycle between lanes .It is only legal in the state of California.

Wikepedia give a good explanation and commentary on motorcycle lane splitting. It clears up misconceptions. In particular the famous Hurt report does not sanction lane splitting as a way to reduce rear end collision with motorists.

Riding a motorcycle between two lanes and consequntly between two cars inches from either side of you is obviously foolhardy and is just asking for trouble.

As the photo shows, if you are in Bangcock and you decide to take a motorcycle taxi you are in for a side splitting and lane splitting death defying ride. It's really no joke. A motorcyclist is just asking for abuse and injury by lanes plitting.

For help with an Ohio motorcycle accident or just to get your questions answered check out the Cincinnati motorcycle practice center by attorney Anthony Castelli

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Lawyer creates Ohio Motorcycle Garage

You can learn many safety tips at the Ohio Motorcyle garage. This is a new interactive web site for bikers . You can go there to build your own bike and then email it to a friend. You can plan a road trip, join the motorcycle safety awarenesss and injury help of Ohio facebook group, watch motorcycle safety videos, learn about motorcycle insurance and much more.

Take a look at the ohio motorcycle garage for fun and safety tips that could save your life.

This is for bikers from all walks of life.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Joins the Road Guardians - Get Motorcyle Accident Training

There is a great motorcycle safety group that teaches much more than first aid. In conjunction with Accident Scene Management, The Road Guardians have created a comprehensive motorcycle safety program. After reviewing their web site and the information I decided to join.

Right now I'm just a garden variety member but it gets me lots of benefits. Soon I hope to take their safety course and become a "CERTIFIED ROAD GUARDIAN" called an educational iron butt. Click here to check out the road guardians

I'm hoping that I can bring these people to Cincinnati and sponsor one of their programs.

You are also invited to go to me web site if you need legal help in Ohio from a Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer that rides

Call me today to get your questions answered 1-800-447-5439 for free

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Motorcycle Riders Hurt or Killed by Drunk Cop should get Punitive Damages says Cincinnati Attorney

This is a sad story of a drunk cop killing and injuring motorcyclists.
The families involved are suffering and are rightfully angry. The cop may get away with being drunk.

An Indianapolis police officer struck and killed a motorcyclist tested positive for alcohol at the time of the crash, police confirmed. Multiple sources close to the investigation told 6News that blood test results for Officer David Bisard show the officer registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.19 percent, more than twice the legal limit

Eric Wells, 30, was killed Friday morning when Bisard, who was on duty and responding to a call with his lights and sirens on, said he was unable to avoid striking two motorcycles at 56th Street and Brendon Way South Drive.

Witnesses said three motorcycles were stopped at the light and couldn't get out of the way in time. Kurt Weekly, 44 and Mary Mills, 47, both on the other bike that was hit, were in critical and stable condition at Methodist Hospital, respectively.

6News' Jack Rinehart received a text message from Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi on Tuesday afternoon saying he was told by the crime lab that the officer was drunk, but that he won't see the report until Wednesday morning.

Police Chief Paul Ciesielski said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing.

In an interview with 6News Wednesday morning, Ciesielski said he's upset about the latest negative incident involving an Indianapolis officer.

"This was a shock to us. … I can tell you that this is being treated like any other person. The investigation is all above board," said Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Paul Ciesielski.

Police said Bisard is a nine-year veteran of the department. He and his K-9 partner were not seriously injured in the crash.

George Burt, 57, was the only motorcyclist involved in the incident to walk away from Friday's crash. He attended Wells' funeral Tuesday.
Burt was on the other motorcycle that was not hit by Bisard, investigators said. He watched as his friends were thrown to the ground.

"Now it makes sense. It wasn't making sense before," Burt said. "It made no sense. How could this happen?
Burt's emotions have swung from considering forgiveness to anger.
"This guy was drunk. This guy was a public servant. He wasn't supposed to be drunk," Burt said.

But it got even worse as the alchohol related charges were dropped because the police did not follow the correct procedures. Poor crash scene management and conflicting policies within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department led to the botched investigation into the fatal crash involving Officer David Bisard, according to an internal affairs investigation.

Mayor Greg Ballard, Public Safety Director Frank Straub and Police Chief Paul Ciesielski held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to release details of the 47-page report by the department's Professional Standards Division, headed by Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham.

Read Full Report

Cunningham outlined the events of Aug. 6, when police said Bisard was drunk on duty when he plowed into a group of motorcyclists stopped at a red light, killing one and severely injuring two others.

She said investigators found that Bisard marked on duty that morning, but was unaccounted for more than two hours before he voluntarily responded to help serve a warrant.

Cunningham said Bisard was operating with lights and sirens running, in violation of department policy, and was also sending and receiving messages not related to police business on laptop in his vehicle, also a violation of policy.

According to a statement Bisard made on the scene, he said he looked down, looked back up and hit his brakes but was unable to stop before hitting the motorcyclists, police said.

In a civil case the evidence still may be admissable. Also in Ohio you can sue for punitive damages (punishment damages) in addition to compensatory damages. Unfortunately punitive damages are not covered by insurance, but if the defendant has assets you can go after them.

Injured in Ohio by a drunk Driver call Cincinnati Motorcycle accident and personal injury attorney Anthony Castelli 1-800-447-6549 to get your questions answered