Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Medical and Dental Help for Bikers

There is a way to get free medical and dental help to Bikers thanks to John (preacherman) Harris.In this economy this can be a Godsend. Bikers children are of course welcome.
John founded the Ohio Medical clinic for Bikers in Lexington Ohio. the clinic is open 12-4 on Saturdays and is located at 2770 Lexington avenue, Lexington, Ohio.

There is also several cities where free Dental clinics are available including Cincinnati, Ohio.These clinics are partnering with the Ohio Biker Medical Clinic In order to get dental treatment you need to cal John Harris at 1-419-610-1027 and he will coordinate you visit to the clinic.

John is also the Reverand at Covenant Church in Lexington. This clinic gets a lot of support from attorney Ralph Buss. In fact it was his article in Ridin On magazine that turned me on to this clinic. I immediately picked up the phone to find out the particulars from John Harris .

The clinic survives off donations from bikers and bikers groups. You can send your donation to
Ohio medical clinic pob 3166 lexington Ohio 44904. Again we see the biker spirit shining thru to help brother and sister bikers. The biker community is truly amazing . The general public needs to see just how much bikers give to one another . And if treated with respect bikers will be there in anyone's time of need . We don't discriminate. Look past our bikes , our clothes, our hair, our tatoos. Don't judge someone's insides by their outsides.

by Cincinnati Motorcycle accident Lawyer Anthony Castelli