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Unsafe Lane Change: A Killer for Bikers Across the U.S.!

Motorcycle safety is the same in California as it is in Ohio and elsewhere.While California is the number 1 mecca for motorcycle riders you might be surprised to learn that Ohio is number 3 on the list for registered motorcycles. My friend Steve Sweat is a motorcycle accident lawyer with a lot of experience regarding motorcycle accidents safety, prevention and helping injury victims with motorcycle accidents in California.So I asked by friend if he wouldn't  mind covering what he thought were some crtitical aspects of motorcycle safety. Here's what he wrote. please read . It could save your life

 Whether you’re a motorcycle rider in Ohio or California or any other state in the Union, there is one thing that is as deadly as anything on our nation’s highways for bikers and that is, another vehicle making an unsafe lane change and clipping the motorcycle rider.  Because of the speeds at which most all vehicles including bikes are traveling, there are rare occasions where the bike rider is able to regain control but, the majority of the time, this collision results in a lay down and ejectment onto a busy highway.  If the initial impact does not cause extreme bodily harm such as fractures, lacerations, abrasions (road rash), internal bleeding or any number of other serious medical conditions, the fact that the rider is now in the roadway and facing oncoming traffic is cause for further injury or death.

Why is the unsafe lane change so frequent a cause for traffic collisions between cars and bikes?

Lane change accidents always come down to one thing: Failure to properly notice or assess the presence of another vehicle in a juxtaposed lane prior to making a turning movement into that lane of travel.  With regard to auto vs. motorcycle collisions, this is amplified due to the disparity in size between cars, trucks and SUVs, on the one hand, and motorcycles, on the other.  Oftentimes, the biker is not even seen at all prior to the lane change.  Moreover, a misjudged collision is also all too common.  In a recent study conducted by psychologists at Texas Tech University, it was shown that the human brain actually correlates size with distance and frequently miscalculates a smaller object as being farther away than it really is.  It is for this reason that most all side view mirrors on vehicles have the phrase “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear” printed on the glass.

The lane change smash-up takes many forms, including the following scenarios:

1.       Direct Side Impact: This occurs when the car enters the lane where the biker is riding while the motorcycle is wholly or partially on the side of the vehicle changing lanes.  Most often this results in the biker being pushed and knocked down unless they can avoid impact by escaping to their right or left.
2.       Getting Clipped: This occurs either when the biker is at the rear of the adjacent car or truck and the vehicle hits the bike and then swerves back to try to correct or when a motor vehicle passes a motorcyclist and then misjudges how far they have gone and attempts to get back in front of the bike and catches the front tires or spokes with the rear bumper corner.

What are some of the ways a biker can avoid a side-swipe crash on a highway?

If the main cause of side-impact collisions between cars and bikes is a lack of being noticed then, the main rule of thumb is to make yourself more conspicuous and give yourself an “out” when you are riding a motorcycle on a multi-lane highway or freeway.  Good tips for avoiding the accident or minimizing injury include the following:

·         Wear brightly colored clothing or buy a bike that is a bright color.
·         Get louder pipes and give it rev, when necessary to let the driver know of your presence.
·         Avoid riding for any length of time in a potential blind spot (e.g. at the right or left rear quarter panel of the vehicle next to you).

·         If possible, ride in the far right or far left lane with an emergency lane adjacent to you to give yourself an “out” in the event a car does come over on you.
·         Wear protective gear like helmets, skid guards, gloves, and boots.  This will mitigate bodily harm in the event of an ejectment or lay down.

What do most state laws say about the legal liability of motorists who cross lanes of travel without looking or noticing a motorcycle?

Every state has a same or similar rule regarding the legal liability or fault associated with changing lanes and causing an accident.  For example, under California Vehicle Code 21658(a) a driver is mandated to travel “as nearly as practical entirely within one lane” on multi-lane highways and is prohibited from moving from one lane to another unless and until “such movement can be made with reasonable safety.”  Likewise, Ohio Code 4511.33 has almost identical language requiring motor vehicle operators to remain within one lane of travel until an entry into an adjacent lane can be made “with safety.”

Why is it best to consult with an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as possible following a lane change collision?

Oftentimes, the biker who is the victim of a driver coming over on them on the freeway goes down and suffers serious injuries including head trauma that can affect their ability to recall all the events leading up to and just prior to impact.  Drivers will most often stop but, sometimes not until they are informed by other motor vehicle operators or law enforcement that they have caused a traffic incident. 

It is human nature to try to point the finger at other people when an accident like this happens and it is “second nature” for insurance adjusters to try to find legal blame against the motorcycle rider.  This makes it crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney who represents motorcyclists on a regular basis and is all too familiar with the lane change scenario and how to best advocate for the legal interest of the biker.  An experienced biker’s lawyer can obtain recorded statements or depositions of third party witnesses, employ accident reconstruction experts, review police incident reports and take the deposition of the driver in question and conduct many other steps that will ensure that the legal fault will lie with the driver who clipped the biker and that their insurance carrier will pay all costs of present and future medical expenses and pain and suffering damages to the biker.


Author Bio: Steven M. Sweat is a partner with the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Glotzer and Sweat LLP.  He has been an attorney representing injured motorcyclists in California for over 17 years and is a regular contributor to this and other blogs on motorcycle safety and accident claims.

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Ohio Motorcycle Accidents - What is Causing Them - Prevention tips

A rash of Ohio Motorcycle accidents have caught me attention. Maybe it's the good weather. but it seems multiple motorcycle accidents are being reported on  a daily basis. Here is a quick list of just a few.

Listing of Ohio Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crash injures Toledo manToledo Blade
TONTOGONY, Ohio — A Toledo motorcyclist was injured Sunday evening when he lost control of his cycle and was thrown off on State Rt. 65 near State Rt. 235 ...
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This was a one motorcycle accident when a Ohio motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle and ran off the right side of the road.Sounds like a case of too fast and target fixation.

Ohio motorcyclist injured in crashPalladium-Item
An Ohio man was taken by air ambulance from the scene of a motorcycle accident in Randolph County on Saturday. Randall E. Canary, 57, Celina, Ohio...
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This motorcycle crash was another motorcyclist loosing control in a curve and going off the right side of the road.

Man suffers head injury in motorcycle accidentReview Times
Brumbaugh lost control of the motorcycle after crossing Ohio 101 and was ... was not wearing a helmet and alcohol is believed to be a factor in the accident.
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Here the biker failed to stop at a stop sign and lost control and was thrown from his motorcycle. sounds again like speed .

Ohio 2 westbound in Willoughby closes for more than 3 hours ...Plain Dealer
The man lost control of the motorcycle and drove off the right side of the road, ... The crash closed a section of Ohio 2 westbound between Lost Nation Road and ...
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In this case the motorcycle rider rear ended a car in front of him.

Marion man killed in two-vehicle accident on Ohio
The Marion Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol says the accident occurred ... The motorcycle went left of center and struck a 2002 Chevrolet Truck 2500 series ...

Here the motorcyclist went left of center of the highway.

Also Bantam weight Cornelius Griffin apparently crashed his motorcycle and was killed.

Facts Are Too Many Motorcyclists Don't Know How To Ride

Motorcyclists need to take the basic rider course and the advanced rider course. Please go to this site  and sign up for a rider safety course. At least go to the Ohio motorcycle garage and check out the riding safety tips and videos.

The tip for the day is take the course. The second tip is reduce your speed..

By Anthony Castelli Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer . If you are hurt by a careless driver call 1-800-447-6549 for a free consultation

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Watch For Motorcycles Cincy Another Great Cincinnati Charity Motorcycle Event

The Cincinnati motorcycle community is diverse and quite active in charitable events and another great one is coming your way: Watch For Motorcycles Cincy was started after a motorcyclist, Scott Griffith, was seriously injured when he went down trying to avoid pedestrians that walked in front of him.

That quick friends and acquaintences put together a motorcycle event with an emphasis on safety to raise funds for his medical bills and to raise the awareness of the motorcycle community as well as the motor vehicle (cagers) to watch out to prevent motorcycle crashes.

I had an opportunity to interview Tim Burke an avid motorcyclist, owner of his own software company, and president of the Cafe Racers Club. We sat down an did a google hangout to get the word out about the event coming up this Sunday. Tim's helping out with the event that got started by Nicole Lynn Knight-Howard.

They will stage form the Triumph motorcycle store from 9 to 11. Will go on a great ride. then they will end up at the Madison theatre in Oakley Ohio with food and beverage and many great bands and much more.

Watch this interview with Tim Burke to learn more about this super event.

Here is the facebok event page

Here is the web site to get some more specifics Anthony Castelli motorcycle lawyer

By Anthony Castelli Public service announcement

PS     For Some great safety tips and other videos about motorcycle stuff check out . Go there and  Build a bike and email it to me at and I'll donate a dollar to the cause . Hopefully this will become an annual event to promote safety. Too many are hurt riding motorcycles everone needs to play their part.  So build you best bike and send it to me and I'll contribute a dollar to this fun and safe event. 

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Ohio Motorcycle Event To Beat Graves Disease Put on by One Brave Lady 2013

Cincinnati Ohio Motocycle Run and Party for Graves Disease
The second Annual Graves Disease Ride and Party will be held Saturday  August 17th at Rick's Tavern and Grill located on Boymel Drive in Fairfirld Ohio.(See flyer to left)

The driving force and organizer for the event is an amazing sweet and courageous young lady Jessica Gabbard. She knows fiirst hand the difficulties this diesease can bring as she has been battling it herself.

The diease can lead to death if undiagnoses and even when it is properly diagnosed there are still many difficult symptoms to fdeal with. Just one is the pushing of the eyeballs out in a noticeable protrubing fashion. but it's not only the appearance that becomes altered , but visio can be seriously affected.

What is Graves Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity of the thyriod gland called hyperthyroidism. An autoimmune disorder is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys health body tissue.

Without treatment, Graves' disease can lead to heart problems, weak and brittle bones, and even death. “Thyroid storm” is a very rare, life-threatening condition that can occur if overactive thyroid is not treated. An acute stress, such as trauma, surgery, or infection, usually triggers it to occur. In pregnant women, untreated disease can threaten the mother and unborn baby's health.

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to Graves' eye disease, because the autoimmune attack often targets the eye muscles and connective tissue within the eye socket. This occurs because these tissues contain proteins that appear similar to the immune system as those of the thyroid gland. Ocular symptoms can range from mild to severe; but only 10-20% of patients have sight threatening disease. Another tissue that can also be involved in the immune attack of Graves' eye disease is the skin of the shins.

Symtoms referrable to the eyes can involve double vision, sensitivity to light , protruding eyes, pressure at the eye sockets and loss of vision. Other symptoms can be pain, fatigue, and muscle weakness to name a few .

About I million people contract graves disease each year. So there is a significant number of people with this diease. On such lady is Jessica Gabbard. I had the opportunity to interivew Jessica on a wide range of subjucets about herself, the disease and the event she started last year to raise money for Graves disease awareness. 

Pleaese take some time to listen to Jessica's interview. Learn how she turned ridicule and feeling sorry for herself to self confidence, happiness and hope and making the most of every day. 

Please be sure to mark Saturday August 17 on your calender to attend the bike rally and after party. This should be quite a shindig as Jessica loves to throw a party. You can bet there will be some son's of Anarchy gear to buy or win at auction as those are some of Jennifer's firends, along with her inspiration Jimmy Kay of Two Wheel Thunder TV.

By Anthony Castelli injury accident and motorcycle lawyer 

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Ohio Motorcycle Lawyer Promotes Biker Safety on Times Square

Ohio Motorcycle Attorney Anthony Castelli Promotes Accident Safety
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month so Ohio Motorcycle Lawyer Anthony Castelli decided to promote motorcycle safety on Times Square. If you look close you can see the statement Watch For Motorcycles on the Reuters international news agency sign located on Times Square in the Big Apple.

The purpose of this month is to raise the awareness of anyone on the road driving a motor vehicle about how to prevent motorcycle accidents. This means that motorcycle riders as well as car drivers all have their part. It is important to know what are the major causes of motorcycle crashes so you can begin to practice prevention.

Causes of Fatal Single Motorcycle Crashes

In 2001 the federal government National Highway Traffic Safety administration released a comprehensive study of single vehicle fatal motorcycle crashes.(1) They found that most single motorcycle wrecks were associated with:

Alcohol use
Curves in the road 

This is my summary, but it appears that these three factors were of major influence. 60 percent of all fatal motorcycle drivers had alcohol in their system. See the Chart below.

60% of fatalities occurred on rural roads while negotiating a curve.

58% of fatalities of operators were associated with speeding

We are killing ourselves in record numbers due to booze, speed and inability to negotiate turns. This implicates conscious choice as well as poor driving ability. 

My Conclusion is don't drink and drive, don't speed, and learn how to take curves. Slow down before you get into the curve. Braking in a curve is a recipe for disaster, as is target fixation. Where you look is where that motorcycle will go.

Let's get our own house in order. Let's control what we can control. 

Causes of Motorcycle and other Vehicle Crashes

I do not even have to cite a source to know that these crashes are primarily caused by car driver inattention and not looking effectively. That's why we say Look Twice Save a Life and why I put on the Reuters international news agency sign Watch For Motorcycles. Failure to yield the right of way by the car driver was the cause of 35% of the fatalities. (2)

So everyone do your part. Please! Too many motorcyclists are dying. we all can do better.

1. Fatal single vehicle motorcycle crashes.
2.  Fatal two vehicle motorcycle crashes

About the Author

Anthony Castelli is a personal injury lawyer with 30 years of experience in injury safety law. He rides a motorcycle and promotes motorcycle safety. He is the author of The Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families. He offers his Ohio motorcycle safety kit free to Ohio motorcycle residents. You can contact him at 1-800-447-6549. He handles personal injury claims and has represented many injured motorcycle riders to help them recover physically and financially.

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Ohio Motorcycle Freedom Ride 2013 News and Events for Bikers

The 4th annual Ohio Motorcyle Freedom Ride is jumping off Saturday May 18.2013. Bob Trost is the
driving force behind this motorcycle event . It starts at 9:00am registration and breakfast and kickstands up at 11AM . The event is starting and ending at My Brothers Place in Dayton Ohio.

This Dayton, Ohio motorcycle event is connected to 30 other states in honoring veterans.

What to Bring For Admission

This event is not asking for money to ride. Bob is asking that you bring new clothes such as socks, underwear , shirts in sizes large to double x. These will be donated directly to the veterans transition house in Dayton. So please bring some New Clothes To Donate.

Safety in Motorcycle Ride

This promises to be one of the safest group rides. Bob has the police all lined up in the various jurisdictions . The riders must ride staggered. He will handle blocking activities directly.

Have a Great Motorcycle Charity Ride 

This ride gets back to My Brothers Place about 6 PM. Then the fun continues with a live band. There will be some great barbecue served for dinner at a reasonable price. The ride is sponsored by the 
veterans brotherhood MC and general electric. Here is a link to the Ohio Freedom ride website.

Watch The Video of Bob Trost talking about the 2013 Ohio Motorcycle Freedom Ride 

This interview was done Thursday as part of the Ohio Motorcycle Life community on Google plus. Please join the community.

Other Motorcycle resources:

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Concerns Over Increased Fatalities In Motorcycle Riders

concerns over increased fatalities in motorcycle riders New safety standards and laws have decreased the overall amount of fatal accidents occurring on America’s roads. While this is good news for most drivers on the road, this is not the case for motorcycle accidents. Although vehicle occupant fatalities have decreased, motorcycle rider deaths have actually increased in the same period. This gap between these statistics is alarming and has brought much needed speculation on what can be done to make motorcycle riders safer on the roads. Some states have implemented safety programs to address the issue and have been successful, but unfortunately not enough to keep the overall U.S. motorcycle fatality statistics from rising.

State Motorcycle Fatality Statistics

Over the last few years, some states have decreased their motorcycle fatalities. In twenty-three states there was a decrease in motorcycle fatalities in 2011 compared to 2010. These improvements are attributed to the implementation of helmet laws and increased education on motorcycle safety. However, the decrease in fatalities in these states did not counteract the larger increase in fatalities in 26 other states. The struggle with making motorcycle riding safer is that the manufacturers can do little to make the bikes themselves safer against fatalities. While four-wheel vehicles have continued to be improved for safety by adding air bags and many other safety features to protect their occupants, motorcycles do not have the same ability to improve on this level. The nature of the vehicle prohibits any protection between the rider and any object they impact with.

Elements That May Reduce Rider Fatalities

Since the motorcycles themselves cannot be altered drastically to reduce the likelihood of a fatality, it is up to the riders themselves to use preventive measures. Some of the most glaring issues that contribute to motorcycle fatalities are high speeds, alcohol consumption and lack of helmet usage. These three elements are all under the control of the motorcyclist and are the leading factors that are attributed to motorcycle fatalities.

 Riding safely, sober and within speed limits, is a step in the right direction. However, even a safe rider is still at risk of a fatality when they are riding without a helmet. The majority of motorcycle accidents are not due to motorcyclist’s error, yet regardless of the cause, any rider that is hit by another vehicle is extremely vulnerable without a helmet.

 For one reason or another, many motorcyclists still refuse to wear a helmet, even in states where they are mandated by law. There is no doubt that helmets reduce the risk of serious brain injury and death in riders. In 2008 alone, over 800 lives could have been saved if the riders were wearing helmets. Unfortunately many riders will not choose to wear a helmet for their own safety without a law demanding it. Lawmakers struggle to pass helmet laws, with many states having only laws for younger riders, or no helmet laws at all. It continues to be a controversial subject between those who ride and those who make the laws to protect their safety.

 The rise in fatalities of motorcyclists has been attributed to everything from increases in the number riders to weather. However, these arguments do not hold up when some states actually show a decrease in the amount of riders and the weather is constantly changing. The fact still remains that many of these fatalities can be prevented with the use of a helmet, regardless of how many riders are on the road. By riding safe and using a helmet, motorcyclists have in their control the  best ways to reduce these statistics. Thanks to Jonathan Rosenfeld of

Castelli Commentary

My friend Jonathan is a champion for safety as he sees it. I respect his opinion. However, in Ohio wearing a helmet after one year of licensed riding is not mandatory. Many groups have fought for this "right to choose."
The non-riding public is very prejudiced against against motorcyclists that do not wear helmets. There is even fostered a myth of no helmet no recovery. Here is a motorcycle video playlist I did regarding this and other issues.

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Batavia Motorcyclists Crashed by Car Failing to Yield

There has been reports of a crash of 4 motorcyclists caused by a car's failure to yield the right of way. It appears the injuries are serious. Fox 19 has preliminary reported that four motorcycle riders were sent to the hospital after a crash in Union Township involving multiple motorcycles and a SUV.

 The news report stated that a group of bikers were headed westbound on State Route 32 in Union Township. An SUV was coming from Olive Branch Stonelick Pike.The SUV did not merge as it entered State Route 74. Apparently the SUV failed to yield to the motorcycle riders and was cited for failure to yield It was reported that the SUV struck several motorcycles causing multiple injuries.

4 of the motorcycle riders were taken to the hospital.Two were taken to University hospital and 2 were taken to Mercy hospital anderson.

 Source Fox 19


Failure to yield is one of the more common causes of motorcycle car accident crashes. The common defense we often see to negate the failure to yield charge is the all to common allegation that the motorcyclist was speeding. So it is important that all independent witnesses are interviewed as soon as possible to corroborate the fact that the motorcyclists were traveling lawfully.

 Insurance Issues

When there are multiple serious injuries I always wonder if there will be adequate insurance to pay for the loss. Often car drivers have small limits. Therefore it is critical that motorcyclists by underinsured coverage in at least $300,000. to protect themselves. Here is a short video that explains uninsured motorist coverage and the importance of it. It is surprisingly inexpensive.

About Anthony Castelli

A biker lawyer that rides a Harley Dyna lawrider has been a personal injury lawyer for over thirty years throughout Ohio. For more information call 621-2345 or go to his web site page about motorcycle accident. law

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Dead In Five Hearbeats Movie by Sonny Barger and Jeff Santo Interviews by Jimmy Kay

Last December I interviewed Jeff Santo about the independant film he did with Sonny Barger who wrote Dead in Five Hearbeats. Jeff called into my radio show Cincinnati biker Life.

Just recently Jimmy Kay, who owns and operates in conjunction with his wife Pat Kay drove through two time zones to interview Jeff Santo Sonny Barger and the actor Jeff Black( a real biker ) who played the lead .

Here is the interviews you can find at two wheel thunder tv. or on Jimmy Kay's facebook page. I suggest you go to the web page because there are a ton of great interviews with celeberties from Pete Rose , the Fonz, Larry Hagman and members of the cast of Sons of Anarchy, just to name a few.  It's not a coincidence that Jimmy's picture is the headshot for the Cincinnati biker life radio show. I was priviledged to turn the table on Jimmy and interview him from Woodstock to the current motorcycle scene . Too bad there was no recording .

The first video is the unterview with Jeff Santo , then the lead Jeff Black and then Sonny Barger .

Jeff Black Lead in Dead in Five Hearbeats

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Motorcycle that Won the War From a great Blog Discovery

Riding Vintage: The Bike that Won the War: Seventy-one years ago today, US personnel at Pearl Harbor Naval Base were attacked by Japanese forces, pulling the US into World War II.  M...

This is taken from a great blog I just found. These black and white military pictures are incredible .
I just dicovered this blog. And I hope to put together a page with the best motorcycle blogs and sites.

this was a spur of the moment share so I hope you like it .

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