Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rolling Thunder 2012 Motorcyclists Remember Veterans and Those That did Not Make it Home

On this memorial day weekend let me thank the veterans who served our country in support of freedom and defense of peace. Rolling Thunder 2012 is underway. This is a ride to Washington D.C in memory of veterans.

It is critical in our country that we can support the veteran , but have differing views of  the war. As a child of the 60's Vietnam was a lightning rod that led to four dead in Ohio and a division of youth that stood up against a misguided war. Those that served were brave men and women who got a raw deal upon coming home. Not once did I ever disrespect those that served. They thought they were doing the right thing.  And they should stand proud as they gave much and many are still troubled or even homeless.

Since getting back in the "motorcycle community"  I have gotten to meet and interview on Cincinnati Biker Life radio many veterans. Also I have met the  fathers of veterans that have bee killled in Afghanistan or Iraq. Chief among them Keith Maupin and John Prayzinski.

Keith Maupin 

The Yellow Ribbon Center support ride will be July 15,20102  .Please click on the link to get more information. Church with Russ Clear and a lot of fun and emotional stuff going on that day. I know I'll get my hug from Keith that day. So come on out and give back a little.

Also the heros ride is coming up in August. This honors many local veterans that died in service to our country. John Prayzinski was instrumental in starting that ride after his son Taylor was killled in the war.

Rolling Thunder in Washington
To get involved with Rolling thunder there is a chapter here locally  Get in touch with James Spy Reilly , a super guy with an affinity for the band Cream . hopefully I can get these three men back on the radio show to talk about
the events they have coming up. Spy can give us the firsthand on this years ride to  Washington.

God bless these men for the sacrifices they have made and what they give back to others veterans or not.  I'm so honored to have met these men.It would not have been for the motorcycle community.

And a word about my Dad, Joseph Castelli,  90 years young, World War 11 Navy LT whose 90 foot LST took 7 kamikaze planes and still finished a float . He won the bronze medal that day. About 16 million Americans served in World War II. 291,557 died. Today only a few million are left and they are dying at a rate of  1000 a day.

This marine stood at attention for hours on end at Rolling Thunder as the motorcycles road by. Please take a look at the video.

by Cincinnati Motorcycle Lawyer Anthony Castelli

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Motorcycle rider killed in Greater Cincinnati

Another motorcyclist was killed in greater Cincinnati Saturday may 26th , 2012 in Boone County. From early reports it appears that a Jeep was turning left onto  U.S. 42 from Rice Pike. Dylan Plvan was driving the Jeep and ran into a Camry traveling Northbound on U.S 42 driven by Kerissa Carter.

The Camry then skidded into the southbound lane of U.s. 42 striking the motorcylcist from Middletown killing him. Our condolences to the family that will never be the same.


 This appears to be a negligently caused accident on behalf of the Jeep driver that failed  to yield the right of way. Although there are always many factors to be investigated.  The early report from the news is sketchy at best, but the police appear pretty clear on what happened.  Please if you witnessed the accident call the Boone county police. (859) 334-2119

By Anthony Castelli motorcycle accident attorney Greater Cincinnati

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Motorcycle Safety Tips From Cincinnati Motorcycle Lawyer Anthony Castelli

As a motorcycle accident lawyer I watch for common themes on motorcycle accidents and look for safety tips to give to avoid those accidents. I put motorcycle accidents in two categories:

1.Motorcycle accidents that cause injury due to the fault of the motorcyclist

2. Motorcycle accidents that cause injury due to the fault of the other motor vehicle such as a truck or car.

One of the recurring patterns for motorcyclists is that they loose control on curves. In order to help protect motorcyclists I wrote the Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their Families . If you click on that link it will take you to my website where you can download the book for free.

It is critical that when you go into a turn that you are traveling at a safe speed and you must avoid target fixation. Target fixation happens when you have gone a bit too fast and are not completing the turn you wanted to make and are heading for an object. Instead of looking where you want to go to avoid the accident motorcycle riders fixate on the target, which causes the motorcycle to drive directly into the target.

Here is a link to some videos I prepared on motorcylce subjects that complement the book. After watching the videos and reading the book you should be in a good position to be a safe and informed motorcyclist and to protect your rights in case of a serious injury.

I welcome your call to answer any questions 513-621-2345

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cincinnati Motorcyclists Support Charity Events for Cancer So Put Your Prejudice Down and Come

Lady Riders Against Cancer
Cincinnati Motorcyclists , in particular this past Saturday, the Lady Riders  against Cancer  put on their 2nd annual poker run against cancer. These ladies have all been touched by some form or fashion of cancer. Several are two time cancer survivors. Some have lost their husbands to cancer or multiple family members.

The only requirement for membership is you are a lady and you have a motorcycle endorsement. But anyone can come out and support their events . Riders and non riders, men, women and children. All their events are non alcoholic. Even though the day started off overcast there were smiles and positive attitudes all around.

They were on Cincinnati Biker Life several weeks age where I interviewed them as guests to talk about their organization and fundraiser.  In addition to supporting efforts to eradicate cancer, they also volunteer at the Shriners burn institute.


American Federation of Bikers 24th annual bike Blessing Sunday May 6th at American Legion Post 199 Harrison Ohio . This group is renowned for it's charitable contributions especially for children's causes.

The A.F.R, as they  like to call it, is a 501-c3 publicly funded charitable organization compiled of all types of motorcyclists, dedicated to helping needy, neglected, abused and handicapped children. They have no paid members or officers. Established in 1982, the A.F.R has helped thousands of children in the Tri-State Area.
They have provided medical grants to families with children in need of life-saving surgery or treatment. Annually, they adopt several families and provide them with Christmas dinner and gifts, sometimes Santa Claus even stops by! These families are chosen through local parishes and would normally not be financially able to have their own Christmas.
On a group basis, the A.F.R sponsors activities like Easter egg hunts and trips to the Zoo. They also do repairs at private and county funded centers for less fortunate children. In 1989, they started the A.F.R scholarship fund. High school students who are college bound may apply for this financial assistance through their school counselors.

They  also have another event scheduled for June 16th . It is their 31st annual poker run . this is one of the largest events in the midwest. It will be held at American Legion Post 199, Campbell Road, Harrison Ohio 45030 .

There are literally hundreds of events going on this year. Check in here or at Cincinnati Biker Life radio to see what's upcoming.


 Also if you would like to have photographs of your event I can provide a photographer free of charge and the photos will be up loaded on my facebook page Cincinnati Accident Attorney . Tag them for contributions

For more information you can contact me through my website or

Richard Danied Strong Rest In Peace May 9th, 2008

We will remember Richard Daniel Strong next Saturday at 3 PM. Just nod your head in silent prayer that day. He was needlessly killed due to the neglect of Ohio Department of Transportation and Kokosing on I 75 Southbound mile marker 17 in a construction zone. I have ordered the road side cross but so far odot has not responded to our request to place one well of the road. If fact they no longer even have the mile marker 17 sign where his motorcycle crash and death occured,  they have one at 16.8. We will never forget him, nor will his family that grieves to this day and will never be the same .

You can reach me at 621-2345 if you need a hand . I am always happy to talk with my motorcycling friends

Friday, May 4, 2012

Was Motorcycle Accident Death of Donald Herbst Failure To Yield

Donald Herbst from Camden was seriously injuried in a motorcycle crash in Milford Township at approximately 7 AM Wednesday morning has died. 

The Butler County Sheriff says emergency responders were called to the intersection of State Route 177 and Harris Road in Milford Township for a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck. The Butler county sheriff Deputies say 25 year old Donald Herbst was driving his Harley motorcycle southbound on State Route 177 when a pickup, driven by 17 year old Andrew Hensley of Milford Township, turned from Harris Road onto 177 and hit Herbst. 

Herbst, was air carried by Air Care to University Hospital in Cincinnati in an attempt to save his life. But it was to no avail.

As of yet. no charges have been filed. The crash remains under investigation by the Butler County Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team (S.T.A.R.T.) If you were a witness to this motorcycle accident please call the Butler County Sheriff .

View Ohio 177 & Harris Rd in a larger map

A review of the area shows that stops signs controlled Harris road. Thus Andrew Hensley , if reports are accurate would be under a duty to yield the right of way . Another brother motorcyclist down . Another roadside cross for someone to order. Another family that will never be the same.


When a car is on a stop street that intersects with a thru highway it has a duty to yield the right of way to traffic. Many times the car that unlawfully entered the intersection will claim that the other vehicle was speeding. I have questioned people in depositions and ask them why they would pull out in front of a car that they thought was speeding. Unfortunately people will not admit responsibility. However a thorough investigation by experienced accident investigators can use evidence at the scene to reconstruct the accident. It's imperative to get an experienced accident reconstruction engineer to review the evidence as soon as possible. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Is Motorcycle Month Allstate Takes Advantage Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli Says Don't Buy

Cincinnati motorcycle attorney sticker
As a  motorocycle accident lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 30 years  I am acutely aware of Allstate's activities. In a word, they fight tooth and nail and attempt to delay paying injury victims.
So if you are looking to protect yourself with uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits look at another insurance company. They are even hustling motorcylists with their latest promotion on Allstate's facebook page.

As I look back over 25 civil injury personal injury trials, several of them were against Allstate insurance since they offered meager settlements. With a company like Allstate, as a motorcycle accident attorney  I needed to put together  a track record  against them of going to trial. That way they should pay attention to you when you represent an injured motorcycle rider or other personal injury victim.

There are some lawyers that are hesitant to take cases against Allstate because they know they will have to fight. With a good case I don't worry about going up against Allstate. The jury system normally works. Allstate counts on wearing you down or having an opponent that does not want to work the case up.

This video is about a personal injury car accident case I went  to trial against Allstate. It was a great success as you will hear about. This was against their liability coverages. Every case is different so this is just an example of what happened and does not mean that I can do the same for you, or I will even take your case. But if I think your case is righteous, then let's take off the boxing gloves, and let me fight with all my heart for you to get justice against Allstate or any other insurance company that fails to offer fair value.

A word of caution. If you try to go alone and then come to me there is a possibility that you could have made a fatal mistake that devaued your case to the point that was what was otherwise a good case that I would take, is now one that does not merit my investment of time and money as the chances of succcess have been diminished.

I'm happy to speak with you at no cost and no obligation at 513-621-2345. If you are too injured to come to me I'll come to you.

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