Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Bike Blessing Can Prevent Accidents

Recently I went to the Bike blessing held by the Iron Samaritans in Cincinnati Ohio. Although it was a rainy day the spirits were not dampened.

The comraderie was great. The band was great. The food was great. and Brad Johansen gave an inspiring talk.

Of course then everyone's bike was prayed over for the person of the rider to be safe for the year. Do these bike blessings really work ? Always the doubting Thomas I wondered.

No one there made any claim that they did or did not. No one there preached to me. They all just prayed for each other in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Certainly there is a raising of the consciouness that one is riding with the protection of a Higher Power. What this does at least is brings home the fact that you still need to do the footwork. You need to stay up on your riding skills. Get proper training. And continue to learn about tips that could save your life.

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