Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cincinnati Biker Life Motorcycle Talk and Music

The radio show Cincinnati Biker Life is poised to start its fourth episode this Friday. The show features special guests each week, music, safety tips, legal tips, upcoming events and the week that was.

The show seeks to shed light on the motorcycle community in Greater Cincinnati Ohio. People have prejudices against biker. This show seeks to dispel those myths as well as entertain the Greater Cincinnati biker community and non biker community alike. Additionally I like to announce the upcoming comminity motorcycle events.

I don't get overly technical on the show . My goal is to bring a fresh approach to the motorcycle community and have interesting and entertaining guests for part of the show. Since the program runs 2 hours there is ample opportunity to speak with one or two guests about who they are and what their motorcycle life is like.

However the show is not primarily a talk show as there is plenty of diverse music to enjoy. Just what is biker music? My definition is any music that anyone rides a motorcycle enjoys. I'm always open to requests and do not limit the genre of music I play.

The guest list is surprsing and eclectic. Although I tend to look for someone with a connection to motorcycling other that the fact they love to ride. That in and of itself qualifies you as a guest. So far the guest list has included three Cincinnati Chrome Divas, 2 veterans , one a former Navy seal and one a drill instuctor that have riden thousands of miles without mishap and the local presidnet of Rolling Thunder. This week features Harley Girl, an extraordinary lady motorcyclist and a Cincinnati judge.

Upcoming guest will hopefully include Reverand Robert Beagle the Biker Reverand, a Cincinnati motorcycle cop, a father of an autistic child putting together a ride for autism , and the owners of a motorcycle dealership and even a well known local Chiropracter that rides .

I wasn't born to follow . Were you?

I'd love to annonce your event , run, charity event. Just contact me at 621-2345 .
O yes the show is on WAIF FM Cicncinnati 88.3. Or you can go to and stream it live on your computer . Friday from 12-2pm during the summer And now Thursday nights from 8PM -10. Or call me at the station at 749-1444. email at We are always looking for interesting guests. This is your show so please let me know what you would like to hear .


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Community Chrome Divas and More

The Cincinnati motorcycle Community was treated to a fantastic weekend of charity events. I got a chance to go to two out of three that I knew of . There may have been more.

On Saturday I stopped by Tri Couny Harley where they were holding a fundraiser for Alicia Lang who suffers from cystic fibrosis. She in in need of a lung transplant as she only has 30% lung capacity. She requires a double lung transplant. Even after insurance pays there will be over $250,000 of bills to pay.

I got to hear this brave young lady thank the crowd for their support. The fundraiser was well attended . The band Prisoner donated their performance and there were many volunteers , a lot were from the local HOG chapter.

On Sunday I made it out to the Cincinnati Chrome Divas Bikini motorcycle - car wash for the fight against breast cancer. The Divas raise funds to support the Susan Komen foundation. These ladies washed motorcycles and cars from 1-6 non stop. I was amazed at how hard they worked and the detail they gave to each motorcycle and car. They also had some great bands and some friendly vendors including a tatoo artist.

I actually had my own booth with my free give away items , tire gauges , watch for motorcycle bumper stickers , and the Ohio Motorcycle Bible. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. Extra special was meeting many of the Divas such as Nichole , their founder, T Rex , the new president and Leggs, one of the founding members.

They had a bike contest that I got to be one of the judges with 3 places awarded . The bike I picked for first came in second. It was owned by Rory Wilson - Preacher. Preacher then officiated at a wedding service at the end of the charity event. Talk about an event that had everything, where everyone had a great time for a serious cause. This was it.

For those of you that asked about my ride here's a homemade video with a message.

O yes the one event I missed was the Iron Samaritans outreach at Washington park. I 'm sure they filled the bellies of many in need with some great food as well as providing a friendly supportive presence.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcyclist Killed Police Lookig for Witnesses

Sadly I saw in todays paper that a motorcyclist was killed and that the police are looking for witnesses. Call 513-352-2514 to contact them.

There were several troubling aspects to the very brief article. One was the headline that read: Motorcyclist Crashes, Is Struck by a Car. The implication is the motorcycle rider crashed and then was hit by the car inferring fault on the motorcyclist. However when you read the article it starts with .. "a motorcyclist was struck and killed by a motorist."

Then it says that the motorcycle was heading north on Este and the driver was heading south when the man on the motorcycle went down and was struck as the driver was making a left hand turn into the parking lot.

This then appears to be a car driver violating the motorcyclists right of way. But the headline shouts the wrong message. Violation of the Right of Way is often cause of motor vehicle motorcycle crashes.This occurs when a car driver is attempting to turn at an intersection or pulls from a stop street, into the path of an oncoming motorcycle rider and a crach accident results.

In passing it was noted that the motorcyclist had a helmet on and that alchohol was not an issue. I'm not even sure what to make of those comments , but I guess they are deemed important by the media and possibly by extension to the public. Of course Ohio is a non helmet state except for novices.

by Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer Anthony Castelli