Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohio Motorcycle Riders Death Preventable by Cincinnati Biker Lawyer

Ohio Motorcycle Riders are being killed and their deaths could have been prevented. The biggest killer in motorcycle car crashes is the car driver failing to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist. A motorcycle rider has the right to drive without a car pulling into its path.

Some car drivers are just not taking the time to look properly before they pull out. How many have been guilty of rolling up to a stop sign, not even completely stopping, taking a quick look and pulling out into traffic.

You may get away with careless driving, but it only takes that one time to destroy forever a family by pulling out in front of a motorcycle and killing the rider or seriously causing them an injury

Just recently a young man motorcycle rider lost his life in Middletown. Ricky Perkins was killed when a motorist pulled out in front of him . The motorist pulled from a gas station. This car driver failed to yield the right of way. One wonders if they will use the tired excuse of " the motorcyclist must have been speeding." That's a common defense used against motorcyclists.

That's why its's important to canvass the area for any witnesses . And hire a motorcycle crash accident reconstructionist that knows how to document the scene and determine that the car driver was at fault. I represented a motorcycle rider that was killed, known legally aw a wrongful death and the Gps of the motorcyclist was used to establish position in the roadway.

This case involved a potentially drunk drugged driver and the insurance company Allstate still had to be pushed to pay their policy limits that were only $100,000. This is not fair compensation for the loss death of a father, son, husband, but it was all that was available and did help the widow with financial hardship.

Unfortunately this motorcycle riders death won't be the last motorcycle rider to die because a car driver was careless, texting, drunk, talking on a cell phone or just pain negligent

By greater Cincinnati Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer Anthony Castelli . Anthony has represented many motorcycle riders for injury or their family for the wrongful death of a motorcyclist. He wrote the book The Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and their families . Click on this link for a free down download of The Ohio Motorcycle Bible

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