Friday, October 28, 2011

Cincinnati Ohio Biker Lawyer gets million mile biker and former nasvy seal to give 5 best safety tips

As a Cincinnati Ohio Motorcycle accident lawyer it's so great to meet people out of the motorcycle community. My radio show at Cincinnati Biker life has helped me meet so many different motorcycle riders.

Last night on the show I had the privilege to have two ladies from  Lady Riders Against Cancer on my show. These two ladies , were such a joy to talk to . I marveled at the courage and strength and was humbled , as I have been for so many guests, by their courage and willingness to help others. These are lady riders in every sense of the word.

After we finished the interview my good friend Chopper Charlie came on the radio show with lovely Lady Blackjack. Chopper is a million mile rider, close to 70 years old and served in the military under every president from JFK to Busch III. A former navy seal, he was one of the first members of the first group of Navy Seals.

As always he came prepared with stories and 5 key motorcycle safety tips that has kept him out of harms way the last million miles of motorcycle riding. Here they are. I hope  they will keep you safe.

Top five Motorcycle  Safety tips from Chopper Charlie

(1) Assume you're invisible: "ALWAYS" Remember, everything and everybody, is out to kill you ...
Hope for the best, prepare for the Worst.
Assume that [cager] will turn, or pull out in your path ... with or without a turn signals.
Everybody but YOU, has the Right-a-Way if you want to live.
A wreck is a contest between man and metal. - - - Care to guess if Man will lose?

(2) Watch your speed. "ALWAYS" know your bike and it’s capabilities.
The bike will never stop as quickly as you think it should.
Develop an intimate loving relationship with your brakes, especially your front brakes.
Seek out some safe pavement, start slowly, find the fine line between maximum braking and a locked wheel, and then do it again, and again until it becomes part of you.

(3) Check your mirrors often. "ALWAYS" look around you, look off to the sides as well as in front.
Look to see what doesn't belong there? Fine tune your peripheral vision.
Think before you act & leave your ego at home.
Don't ride along next to, or right behind Mr. Peterbilt, or grandpa’s motor home.
If one of those BIG tires blows up? Which they do regularly, it will quickly get ugly.
Unless you just love dodging huge chunks of flying rubber that will kill you.
Keep your distance or better yet ... Speed up to get around them and live.
When you start to pass - - - "Haul Ass" - - - get out of the danger zone as fast as possible.

(4) Pay attention to your riding. "ALWAYS" Stay out of peoples blind spots.
Yes, maybe that is a half-naked girl over there. Meanwhile, you could be drifting toward Big, Big Trouble.
Focus @ 60 MPH you travel 88 feet/sec. Remember, your bike goes where you're looking.
Maybe, that trucker that's about to run your ass over, has a better view of her then you do.

(5) Maintain your ride, check the belt's, chains, etc. "ALWAYS" Make sure your tires are right.
None of this stuff matters unless your skins are right. 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ohio Motorcycle Deaths and Injury Down Still Too Many

Ohio motorcycle deaths are down but there are still too many injuries and deaths that could be avoided.   In fact there is a lead story in the Columbus paper about the decrease of fatal motorcycle accidents in Ohio.

The Dayton paper reported on Ohio motorcycle crashes being down. The Hamilton Journal news reported on motorcycle crashes being down. Here's the actual statistics:

Motorcycle crashes and fatalities
State of Ohio:
2011 to date: 2,919 crashes; 120 deaths
2010: 4,382 crashes; 168 deaths
2009: 4,183 crashes; 161 deaths
Butler County
2011 to date: 82 crashes; 2 deaths
2010: 131 crashes; 6 deaths
2009: 99 crashes; 3 deaths
Hamilton County
2011 to date: 183 crashes; 7 deaths
2010: 259 crashes; 4 deaths
2009: 270 crashes; 8 deaths
Warren County
2011 to date: 41 crashes; 1 death
2010: 80 crashes; 3 deaths
2009: 71 crashes; 5 deaths
Montgomery County
2011 to date: 112 crashes; 2 deaths
2010: 182 crashes; 8 deaths
2009: 156 crashes; 3 deaths
Greene County
2011 to date: 50 crashes; no deaths
2010: 62 crashes; 3 deaths
2009: 57 crashes; 1 death
Source: Ohio Department of Public Safety

 However I would argue that part of the reason is the inordinate rain this summer . In fact with the beautiful days we've had lately there has been a spate of crashes. The run the gamut from the car turning in front of the motorcycle, failing to yield the right of way , to single motorcycle crashes and injury to passengers of motorcycle crashes.  Of course there is still some good riding weather left and the crash date for 2011 is to date. Though with 2919 crashes it does appear that this is a substantial reduction from all of 2010 when there was 4382.

But don't tell this to the families that have lost a loved one to a motorcycle crash wrongfully caused. I've read about plenty of Ohio motorcycle deaths recently .As a motorcycle accident lawyer it's hard to believe the double wammy of motorists acting ignorantly and bikers failing to control their motorcycles. Ricky Perkins was killed when a car came across three lanes of traffic. Timothy Verdinski was killed when a motorist turned in front of him. Both negligent acts of the auto drivers. Melinda Hipsher just died while riding as a passenger when a motorcyclist lost control.

Construction sites can be virtual traps for the motorcyclist. At least now ODOT doesn't use blackout tape for more that two weeks anymore since a motorcyclist I represent was killed as a result of worn and slippery tape.

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