Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Attorney And Cincinnati Biker Life

Cincinnati Biker Life is the new radio show in town for greater Cincinnati Motorcycle riders. Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli produces directs and is the programmer of this show for bikers.

the show even has a new tricked out facebook page At the risk if this link not working you can also go to
This should take you to the wall.

A recent article in road Wheeler magazine a well as Thunder Roads has helped swell the audience to state wide if not nationwide given the live usstream it ports over on your computer. What started as a summer replacement show now has become a permanent fixture for bikers from all walks of life to enjoy. Listen to the musuc you love. If you don't hear something you want to hear just call us at the station at 749-1444 and we will add it to the play lists.

The guests have been varied , interesting and genuine in their love of the biker community whether they be hardcore bikers or supporters of veteran bikers. Any group is invited to come on the radio show and promote theie event. We would love to have you as a guest and give you every opportunity to tell your unique story.

It's great that WAIF FM Cincinnati has given us this chance. You can even become a programmer there yourself as several spots are open. You can go to to lear more about the station