Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cincinnati Secret Biker Bar - Blue Note Yacht Club Is a Blast

Cincinnati's newest biker bar the Blue Note Yacht Club is not a secret anymore after its grand opening this Wednesday. Owner Doug Gundrum looks like he has got a new hit on his hands.

The Blue Note Yacht Club, with its outdoor bar and great barbecue from Walt's is nested back on River road with a great river view. The grand opening this Wednesday was blessed with  great weather and the band Prizoner, a motorcycle bar band and event staple.

I arrived early coming from a downtown Court appearance and got to spend some time with Doug Gundrum. I learned he owned the west side staple the Blue Note Club when he was 27 years old. And for over 20 years he shepherded a successful night spot featuring live music.

But as times changed Doug "relocated" down on River Road on a large lot that was like a forest. His vision was to build a great atmosphere for the biker community and anyone else that enjoys a beer or two, some barbecue, a river view and great music.

Judging by went down this Wednesday night it looks like he is going to have a huge success on his hands. You can tell the place has the atmosphere of his friendly demeanor. The bar was packed but not crowded. Currently it is only an out door venue. But Doug is working hard to create an inside bar and hopes to be ready when the cold weather comes around again.

Nicole Smith-Korman , former Chrome Dive and and now creator and founder of Throttle Girls turned me on to the fact that it was going to be a rockin good time as the grand opening of the Blue Note Yacht Club was featuring Prizoner and she was rounding up her crew and touting Doug's place as the newest biker bar.

It certainly did not disappoint. As a biker lawyer I love to embed myself in the biker community and try to show up with my Rock Star photographer, Kraig Haplea, to document the motorcycles, the bikers, and the atmosphere of the biker community. I think it goes a long way to dispel the myths about motorcyclists.

Everyone got along and even though it's a bar, it appeared that no one was even close to being drunk. It was a friendly relaxed atmosphere. One of the vendors selling jewelry, Colleen Meth, is a retired police officer.

To give you a taste of the action here are a few pics we took. BTW you can bet I'll be back a time or two. You can meet old friends and make new friends in a super relaxing laid back fun place on the River.

Doug Gundrum and Anthony Castelli


Ready -- May is Motorcycle Month and The Blue Note Yacht Club kicked it off with a great time. I highly recommend you come on down to Cincinnati's newest biker bar that's not a secret anymore.

By Anthony Castelli
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