Monday, November 21, 2011

Cincinnati Personal injury Attorney Creates Ohio Motorcycle safety Kit

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I see a lot of broken people with bad injuries. Some of the worst injuries I handle are motorcycle accidents. These accident injury cases run the gamut from highway construction defects, car cutting of motorcyclists, cars violating the motorcyclists' right of way by turning in front of them at intersections or pulling out from stop streets , to rear end collisions.

Also there are passenger claims against the driver of the motorcycle as well. And even accidents between two motorcycle riding together and one failed to watch the roadway ahead. The bottom line though is that motorcyclists often get a raw deal either through their own lack of knowledge or because of prejudices against motorcyclists.

So I wrote The Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families.This has some great information for Ohio motorcyclists. I added to this a tire gauge and a Watch For Motorcycle Bumper Sticker. At the recent Cyclefest Cincinnati I gave out over 200 of these Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kits.

Below is a video of an interview I gave  to  Two Wheel Thunder TV about the Ohio Motorcycle Bible.

 As a personal injury accident lawyer it was an honor to have Jimmy Kay interview me about this book. You can get the book as a free download at my web site.  The Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit is always complimentary . Just catch me at a local Cincinnati motorcycle event and I'd be happy to give one to you.

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