Saturday, July 30, 2011

I was injured on my motorcycle what kind of lawyer should I get

There are a ton of lawyers that billl themselves as motorcycle attorneys. But just because they put the word motorcycle in front of their name does not mean they are skilled in that area.

Many attorneys put the words motorcycle accident or injury in front of the word lawyer, but have never ridden a motorcycle. Find out if they even own a mototcycle . Find out if the they are involved in the motorcycle community.

But also remember just because a lawyer rides a motorcycle does not mean they are a skilled advocate let alone a trial lawyer. Here is a video interview that can answer three keys things when you what to know what your motorcycle case is worth and who can really help you .

Also I invite any motorcycle accident injury victim to go to my web site and read the articles on motorcycle accidents and watch the videos about what you should do to protect your rights. Especially if you are near Blue Ash, Milford Mason or the surrounding areas you are just around the corner from my Cincinnati office at I-275 and montgomery road.

You can also find the Ohio Motorcycle Bible the Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and their families at my web site. I offer it as an educational service to bikers. I'm so tired of seeing them get ripped up by big insurance or lawyers that just don't have a clue so I wrote this book to educate bikers. .

Here is a link to help you get what your motorcycle accident injury case is worth. It's a free download for the Ohio motorcycle bible.

If you would like a personal free case evaluation call me at 1-800-447-6549. As a rider , a trial lawyer and an author of the Ohio motorcycle Bible I like to think that I bring to the table the experience necessary to get results.#0 years and over 25 injurry trials

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