Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motorcyle Life in Cincinnati Events With Soul

Not that I'm an expert om Biker life in Greater Cincinnati, but here are some of my thoughts about what I've experienced since getting to know some in the biker community.

Lets talk about motorcycle events. The past week I've been to the memorial ride this past Sunday for Matt Maupin. Although I did not ride in it I was there for the morning portion outside the yellow ribbon center. I had seen the ride advertised and called the center to ask someone to be a guest on the radio show I've started hosting Cincinnati Biker Life on

I spoke with Keith Maupin and last week. Keith along with Erika and Todd May, the local president of the CMA the Damascus warriors, who was helping set up the run, they all came on the radio show. Three days later I was at the Matt Maupin ride. There I saw Russ Clear , a mountain of a man and former trouble man give the sermon . I got to meet him afterward and invited him to be on the show . So as I write this I'm looking forward to Russ coming on the show in less than 24 hours.

I also picked up some literature at the Maupin ride from the epilesy foudation. From it I saw they were having a free program this past Tuesday which I attended . The program focused on tramatic epilepsy and mild traumatic brain injury , known to be the "signature" injury to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr Kathleen Chard spoke about this and ptsd. Here's a great article that mentions her and post traumatic stress disorder.

I feel very blessed and enriched to have been at these events. It's a marvel to me that they have led me where they have. Some how I'm being led to see people with such heart , such soul, with much to give and much appreciation for living life.

You an go to all the Quaker Steak bike nights and the Harley nights and enjoy yourself and talk to some very nice people. But the character of the event is not the same as an event that's being thrown for a cause , a memory , a charity. The feel is different. I go , pitch my tent and offer to anyone interested the Ohio Mototcycle Bible a book I wrote called The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families, and my Watch for Motorcycle Bumper Stickers. So I'm their for business and pleasure. But it's just not the same as going to an event that's put on out of love.

I'll be looking for those "heart with soul" or "soul with heart" events. They feed a part of me that needs to be fed.