Thursday, February 16, 2012

Motorcycle Music Pat Savage Comes To Cincinnati

As the creator of Cincinnati Biker Life Radio show, host ,  motorcycle rider and motorcycle injury lawyer I've gotten to meet a lot of cool motorcyclists from all walks of life. The latest is Pat "Doc" Savage. We tried to bring Pat Savage to Cincinnati on Cincinnati Biker Life .

Unfortunately Pat could not negotiate through the phone lines from Thailand to Cincinnati. However we got to "talk" with him through the medium of facebook on the Cincinnati Biker life facebook page. And we played 5 songs off his new CD Wind and Fire. The title cut is my favorite song

Then when I got home I learned his album was #1 at - Total Biker FM - 24 hour rock, punk and metal music. In Pat Savage's own words here is a little insight into Wind and Fire.
 Wind & Fire is inspired by the literally thousands of firefighters all over the world saving lives selflessly. As you here by the words it starts at the firehouse as they race off to the fire to save some life if they can get them out it in time. I represent Wind & Fire MC as International Celebrity Ambassador to help spread the word about what firemen do every single day and how they put their lives at risk for us.
    So we never did get to talk to Pat but someday that will change. Either we get him on the phone or I'll tape a skype interview or maybe he'll come riding through this way. Plus I want to hear about that Motorcycle riding TV series on riding he's involved with. You can tell from what he writes and how he plays music he's one cool down to earth good man.

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