Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Community Events Active even In Winter

The Cincinnati motorcycle community keeps active even in winter, Just today the Iron Samaritans held a polar bear ride. I hope everyone had a a great time.

 Cyclefest cincinnati passed through here in November down at the convention center. The sons of anarchy were freatured as well as many local bike builders like donny Loos and also my friends from Cycleworks.

Comin up soon is a meeting of all the biker groups that care to participate in organizing their events so they all don't fall on the same day in the summer.

Cincinnati biker life the radio show started this summer by Cincinnati accident injury lawyer Anthony Castelli is going strong with guests from all corners of the world. The Hoka Hey riders led by our local favorite Curtis Belcher was an amazing call in show that night with riders from all over the country calling in including the first place finisher the last two years..

There is so much more to mention but my daughter is kicking me out of the basement with the arrival of her girlfriends for a New year's eve party.  So to find out more action in the Cincinnati Motorcycle community keep up with us on Cincinnati biker life on and have a safe and Happy New Year .

PS:  Remember to contribute to the Ohio biker medical clinic or use it for your uninsured medical needs. Call John Preacherman Harris. I will be announcing about the clinic most every week. Make sure you call ahead