Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cincinnati Biker Lawyer interviews Pat Savage on Cincinnati Biker Life

As a Cincinnati motorcycle rider and involved in the biker community I started a radio show called Cincinnati Biker Life on The show has been on for a year and a half. Lady CJ has capably taken over the bulk of the broadcasting. But you can still find me there the first Thursday of the month at 8PM.

Two Thursdays ago  I interviewed legendary biker and musician Pat Savage. What made it so cool was that right now he is in Thailand. so we hooked up a Google hangout and I ran my computer into the sound board. So although you could not see him you could hear him load and clear.

Pat Savage has been playing rock n roll and blues for many years. He's had some great  CD's and his latest Wind and Fire is no exception. My  favorite song is Born to Ride. But here's a bluesy video so you can see the man perform.

We had a great time and learned that he's going to have a biker travel show on TV though he could not disclose too much as it is in preproduction. Pat is truly a man for all seasons as you may know if you follow him on facebook. We learned that Pat will be in Cincinnati in 2013. Can't wait .

So you never know who will be dropping in live for an interview or who we can connect with by phone or on the internet. So every Thursday night at 8pm to 10 pm check out Cincinnati biker Life. you can tune us in locally at 88.3 FM . Or you can hear us over the internet .

By Anthony Castelli Attorney a Cincinnati biker lawyer . I'm always available to help the biker community with support or legal help. You can reach me at 513-621-2345 or find me broadcasting the first Thursday of the month . On the other Thursday's tune in to Lady CJ .