Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dead In Five Hearbeats Movie by Sonny Barger and Jeff Santo Interviews by Jimmy Kay

Last December I interviewed Jeff Santo about the independant film he did with Sonny Barger who wrote Dead in Five Hearbeats. Jeff called into my radio show Cincinnati biker Life.

Just recently Jimmy Kay, who owns and operates in conjunction with his wife Pat Kay drove through two time zones to interview Jeff Santo Sonny Barger and the actor Jeff Black( a real biker ) who played the lead .

Here is the interviews you can find at two wheel thunder tv. or on Jimmy Kay's facebook page. I suggest you go to the web page because there are a ton of great interviews with celeberties from Pete Rose , the Fonz, Larry Hagman and members of the cast of Sons of Anarchy, just to name a few.  It's not a coincidence that Jimmy's picture is the headshot for the Cincinnati biker life radio show. I was priviledged to turn the table on Jimmy and interview him from Woodstock to the current motorcycle scene . Too bad there was no recording .

The first video is the unterview with Jeff Santo , then the lead Jeff Black and then Sonny Barger .

Jeff Black Lead in Dead in Five Hearbeats