Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cincinnati Motorcycle Community Chrome Divas and More

The Cincinnati motorcycle Community was treated to a fantastic weekend of charity events. I got a chance to go to two out of three that I knew of . There may have been more.

On Saturday I stopped by Tri Couny Harley where they were holding a fundraiser for Alicia Lang who suffers from cystic fibrosis. She in in need of a lung transplant as she only has 30% lung capacity. She requires a double lung transplant. Even after insurance pays there will be over $250,000 of bills to pay.

I got to hear this brave young lady thank the crowd for their support. The fundraiser was well attended . The band Prisoner donated their performance and there were many volunteers , a lot were from the local HOG chapter.

On Sunday I made it out to the Cincinnati Chrome Divas Bikini motorcycle - car wash for the fight against breast cancer. The Divas raise funds to support the Susan Komen foundation. These ladies washed motorcycles and cars from 1-6 non stop. I was amazed at how hard they worked and the detail they gave to each motorcycle and car. They also had some great bands and some friendly vendors including a tatoo artist.

I actually had my own booth with my free give away items , tire gauges , watch for motorcycle bumper stickers , and the Ohio Motorcycle Bible. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. Extra special was meeting many of the Divas such as Nichole , their founder, T Rex , the new president and Leggs, one of the founding members.

They had a bike contest that I got to be one of the judges with 3 places awarded . The bike I picked for first came in second. It was owned by Rory Wilson - Preacher. Preacher then officiated at a wedding service at the end of the charity event. Talk about an event that had everything, where everyone had a great time for a serious cause. This was it.

For those of you that asked about my ride here's a homemade video with a message.

O yes the one event I missed was the Iron Samaritans outreach at Washington park. I 'm sure they filled the bellies of many in need with some great food as well as providing a friendly supportive presence.