Thursday, May 10, 2012

Motorcycle Safety Tips From Cincinnati Motorcycle Lawyer Anthony Castelli

As a motorcycle accident lawyer I watch for common themes on motorcycle accidents and look for safety tips to give to avoid those accidents. I put motorcycle accidents in two categories:

1.Motorcycle accidents that cause injury due to the fault of the motorcyclist

2. Motorcycle accidents that cause injury due to the fault of the other motor vehicle such as a truck or car.

One of the recurring patterns for motorcyclists is that they loose control on curves. In order to help protect motorcyclists I wrote the Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their Families . If you click on that link it will take you to my website where you can download the book for free.

It is critical that when you go into a turn that you are traveling at a safe speed and you must avoid target fixation. Target fixation happens when you have gone a bit too fast and are not completing the turn you wanted to make and are heading for an object. Instead of looking where you want to go to avoid the accident motorcycle riders fixate on the target, which causes the motorcycle to drive directly into the target.

Here is a link to some videos I prepared on motorcylce subjects that complement the book. After watching the videos and reading the book you should be in a good position to be a safe and informed motorcyclist and to protect your rights in case of a serious injury.

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