Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Is Motorcycle Month Allstate Takes Advantage Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli Says Don't Buy

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As a  motorocycle accident lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 30 years  I am acutely aware of Allstate's activities. In a word, they fight tooth and nail and attempt to delay paying injury victims.
So if you are looking to protect yourself with uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits look at another insurance company. They are even hustling motorcylists with their latest promotion on Allstate's facebook page.

As I look back over 25 civil injury personal injury trials, several of them were against Allstate insurance since they offered meager settlements. With a company like Allstate, as a motorcycle accident attorney  I needed to put together  a track record  against them of going to trial. That way they should pay attention to you when you represent an injured motorcycle rider or other personal injury victim.

There are some lawyers that are hesitant to take cases against Allstate because they know they will have to fight. With a good case I don't worry about going up against Allstate. The jury system normally works. Allstate counts on wearing you down or having an opponent that does not want to work the case up.

This video is about a personal injury car accident case I went  to trial against Allstate. It was a great success as you will hear about. This was against their liability coverages. Every case is different so this is just an example of what happened and does not mean that I can do the same for you, or I will even take your case. But if I think your case is righteous, then let's take off the boxing gloves, and let me fight with all my heart for you to get justice against Allstate or any other insurance company that fails to offer fair value.

A word of caution. If you try to go alone and then come to me there is a possibility that you could have made a fatal mistake that devaued your case to the point that was what was otherwise a good case that I would take, is now one that does not merit my investment of time and money as the chances of succcess have been diminished.

I'm happy to speak with you at no cost and no obligation at 513-621-2345. If you are too injured to come to me I'll come to you.

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