Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Motorcycle rider killed in Greater Cincinnati

Another motorcyclist was killed in greater Cincinnati Saturday may 26th , 2012 in Boone County. From early reports it appears that a Jeep was turning left onto  U.S. 42 from Rice Pike. Dylan Plvan was driving the Jeep and ran into a Camry traveling Northbound on U.S 42 driven by Kerissa Carter.

The Camry then skidded into the southbound lane of U.s. 42 striking the motorcylcist from Middletown killing him. Our condolences to the family that will never be the same.


 This appears to be a negligently caused accident on behalf of the Jeep driver that failed  to yield the right of way. Although there are always many factors to be investigated.  The early report from the news is sketchy at best, but the police appear pretty clear on what happened.  Please if you witnessed the accident call the Boone county police. (859) 334-2119

By Anthony Castelli motorcycle accident attorney Greater Cincinnati