Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rolling Thunder 2012 Motorcyclists Remember Veterans and Those That did Not Make it Home

On this memorial day weekend let me thank the veterans who served our country in support of freedom and defense of peace. Rolling Thunder 2012 is underway. This is a ride to Washington D.C in memory of veterans.

It is critical in our country that we can support the veteran , but have differing views of  the war. As a child of the 60's Vietnam was a lightning rod that led to four dead in Ohio and a division of youth that stood up against a misguided war. Those that served were brave men and women who got a raw deal upon coming home. Not once did I ever disrespect those that served. They thought they were doing the right thing.  And they should stand proud as they gave much and many are still troubled or even homeless.

Since getting back in the "motorcycle community"  I have gotten to meet and interview on Cincinnati Biker Life radio many veterans. Also I have met the  fathers of veterans that have bee killled in Afghanistan or Iraq. Chief among them Keith Maupin and John Prayzinski.

Keith Maupin 

The Yellow Ribbon Center support ride will be July 15,20102  .Please click on the link to get more information. Church with Russ Clear and a lot of fun and emotional stuff going on that day. I know I'll get my hug from Keith that day. So come on out and give back a little.

Also the heros ride is coming up in August. This honors many local veterans that died in service to our country. John Prayzinski was instrumental in starting that ride after his son Taylor was killled in the war.

Rolling Thunder in Washington
To get involved with Rolling thunder there is a chapter here locally  Get in touch with James Spy Reilly , a super guy with an affinity for the band Cream . hopefully I can get these three men back on the radio show to talk about
the events they have coming up. Spy can give us the firsthand on this years ride to  Washington.

God bless these men for the sacrifices they have made and what they give back to others veterans or not.  I'm so honored to have met these men.It would not have been for the motorcycle community.

And a word about my Dad, Joseph Castelli,  90 years young, World War 11 Navy LT whose 90 foot LST took 7 kamikaze planes and still finished a float . He won the bronze medal that day. About 16 million Americans served in World War II. 291,557 died. Today only a few million are left and they are dying at a rate of  1000 a day.

This marine stood at attention for hours on end at Rolling Thunder as the motorcycles road by. Please take a look at the video.

by Cincinnati Motorcycle Lawyer Anthony Castelli