Saturday, December 12, 2009

Motorcycle Injury Safety Cincinnati Attorney Helmet survey

Cincinnati Motorcycle Attorney Informal Helmet Injury survey

The debate rages. Motorcycle helmet law requirements or not . Do motorcycle helmets prevent injury. Can motorcycle helmets increase injury. My informal survey of motorcycle riders on the road in Cincinnati amd bikers suggest that over 1/2 wear motorcycle helmets.

Bikers in Ohio , over 18 that have been riding for a year are not rquired to wear helmets. Hooray for the freedom to be free to wear or not wear a helmet. But just take a look at the professional riders gear if you want real world testimony.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that motorcycle helmets can prevent much injury to the head and face. A full face helmet gives maximum protection. But it also can not prevent all injury.

Of course even with a helmet you still can be killed or seriously injured. So the emphasis must be on ACCIDENT PREVENTION, not just injury prevention.

By Cincinnati Motorcycle Injury attorney Anthony Castelli for the help you need