Saturday, December 12, 2009

Motorcycle Accident Injury compensation tip by Cincinnati Attorney

Even with all the motorcycle accident awareness and riding skills it is inevitable, just as a car accident is for a cager, that a motorcycle rider will be injured as a result of a negligent motorist. This site also aims to provide information on what you should do in that instance.

Here are some tips from Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Castelli.

The first and formeost tip for bikers seriously injured in a motorcycle accident is to hire a great personal injury trial attorney. And if possible an attorney that has ridden.

Just as you seek the services of a medical specialist to put your body back together so should you seek a personal injury lawyer to help get your life back together. The most important thing to look for is personal injury trial experience. That way if the insurance company tries to get you to take a lowball offer your attorney will reject it and file your case in court and take it to trial if necessary.

If the attorney does not have trial experience then you may be forced to take a lowball offer or could end up with a less than optimum result.

Its also helpful if your attorney has ridden before.

Hiring an experienced motorcycle attorney, especially a lawyer that is a biker, will help the rapport and confidence level you feel about an attorney. Face it, most people want help from someone that they have a common bond with. Someone they feel comfortable talking to.

.A lawyer that has ridden motorcycles is likely to understand the aspect of how your maneuvered your bike and why even with the best riding you could not have avoided the accident.

.A biker attorney is not going to criticize you for not wearing a helmet if the law does not require it. In fact, he can mount defenses for you when the insurance company tries to low ball you because you were not wearing a helmet.

.A good lawyer brings with him a multitude of skills and a depth of knowledge. He’s likely dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of personal injury cases and therefore knows what needs to be done. A lawyer has experience in gathering evidence and negotiating with insurance companies. He will advise you on how much you can expect to get for your settlement (you probably have no idea do you?). Knowing what your case is worth is essential to negotiating.

Your personal injury lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company. If you don’t know how to play the negotiation game then you’ll get eaten alive by the adjuster (the person working for the insurance company trying to get you to take the lowest settlement possible). The lawyer will have tons of experience negotiating and will not be intimidated by the adjuster. He knows how to handle them.

by Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Motorcycle injury Attorney for more info go to or call Anthony at 1-800-447-6549 for the help you need to get the compensation you deserve