Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breaking News Motorcyclist Killed in Car Crash

          WDTN news is reporting that a motorcyclist, Paul Estep in Preble County, Ohio was killed when a car went left of center crashing into him.

They describe the crash as happening near Eaton Ohio . Although the facts are sketchy the Ohio state highway patrol is investigating.

How the motorcycle car crash occurred

A car driven by an unnamed driver was heading North on State Route 122. In his direction there were some stopped motor vehicles. The operator of the automobile was not paying close enough attention or was traveling too fast and went left of center instead of gently stopping in his lane behind the stopped vehicles.

The motor vehicle crashed head on into Paul Estep who was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction. Apparently Paul Estep never had a chance.


All to often careless drivers swerve left of center to avoid vehicles in their path. This creates a much greater chance of a deadly car crash. Terrible forces come into play when two motor vehicles heading in the same direction crash into each other. Why don't drivers just slam on their breaks and ride it out.

Or if they try an avoidance maneuver why not go to the right off the roadway. If that done I'm betting loss of life would have been prevented.

One thing I know things will never be the same for the family of Paul Estep. The insurance money they may collect for the wrongful death is of little solace. Families of motorcyclists are destroyed in a blink of an eye because of careless notorcyclists.

By Anthony Castelli Ohio personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyer . He wrote the book on protecting Ohio motorcyclists and their families. You can download the Ohio Motorcycle Bible at