Sunday, April 14, 2013

Batavia Motorcyclists Crashed by Car Failing to Yield

There has been reports of a crash of 4 motorcyclists caused by a car's failure to yield the right of way. It appears the injuries are serious. Fox 19 has preliminary reported that four motorcycle riders were sent to the hospital after a crash in Union Township involving multiple motorcycles and a SUV.

 The news report stated that a group of bikers were headed westbound on State Route 32 in Union Township. An SUV was coming from Olive Branch Stonelick Pike.The SUV did not merge as it entered State Route 74. Apparently the SUV failed to yield to the motorcycle riders and was cited for failure to yield It was reported that the SUV struck several motorcycles causing multiple injuries.

4 of the motorcycle riders were taken to the hospital.Two were taken to University hospital and 2 were taken to Mercy hospital anderson.

 Source Fox 19


Failure to yield is one of the more common causes of motorcycle car accident crashes. The common defense we often see to negate the failure to yield charge is the all to common allegation that the motorcyclist was speeding. So it is important that all independent witnesses are interviewed as soon as possible to corroborate the fact that the motorcyclists were traveling lawfully.

 Insurance Issues

When there are multiple serious injuries I always wonder if there will be adequate insurance to pay for the loss. Often car drivers have small limits. Therefore it is critical that motorcyclists by underinsured coverage in at least $300,000. to protect themselves. Here is a short video that explains uninsured motorist coverage and the importance of it. It is surprisingly inexpensive.

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