Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Former Cincinnati Red Motorcyclist Frank Pastore Dies Predicted His Death

Former Cincinnati red Frank Pastore died today. His death was a result of a motorcycle crash. So far authorities have been rather tightlipped about the multifaceted Christian radio personality. Only 55 years old Frank Psastore had lived a full life. Was it cut short by a careless driver or did Pastore's driving in the car pool lane contribute to it. 

Police officials reported that a gray Sonata was eastbound when the driver lost control aand went into the car pool lane and hit the Honda motorcycle driven by Pastore. pastore was thrown from his motorcycle.The car driver was not cited .

Pastore sufferred a major head injury and had beeen in a comma for several weeks. He had found religion and had a leading Christian talk show on the radio . A former Cincinnati reds pitcher Pastore had found Christianity and turned his life to God.

In talking about life after death on his radio show that night Pastore eerily predicted his own death. here is what he said on his radio show:

“I mean look, you guys know I ride a motorcycle don’t you? So, at any moment, especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, alright, without any blinkers, not that I’m angry about it, but at any minute I could be spread out all over the 210 (Freeway), but that’s not me, that’s my body parts. That key distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian worldview and also your pursuit of reality.”

Was This a Wrongful DeathA wrongful death is a death caused by someone's negligence. In Ohio such a claim is controlled by the wrongfull death statute.Rc 2525.01 et seq. However fault is determined by traffic codes and principles of negligence. At first glance it appears that the driver lost control and came into pastore's lane. This normally in Ohio would constitute negligence as a matter of law. But it is strange that reports have not indicated the woman was cited by police.. 


http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2125.01 Ohio Wrongful death statute

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