Monday, September 10, 2012

Motorcycle Safety From A Biker Lawyer Anthony Castelli

Many motorcycle riders can not ride worth a lick .They will end up as road kill if they don't learn to ride. Anthony Castelli Cincinnati lawyer has been campaigning for motorcycle safety. Too many motorcycle riders are getting killed because they do not know how to ride safely. By the same token too many motorcyle riders are getting killed because the public just does not give a damn.

Anthony wrote a book called the Ohio Motorcycle Bible - The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their Families to educate motorcyclists about accident prevention as well as accident preparation. You need to be prepared if you go down because of a reckless cager. You need to be able to protect your rights against the myths and prejudices that motorcyclists face. 

Anthony is starting an affiliation with other biker lawyers across the nation to promote biker safety. The name of the group is Biker Lawyers United For Motorcycle Safety. The lawyers pledge to be active in promoting safety by writing articles , issuing press releases and providing safety kits to the public. Anthony includes in his Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit the following: a watch for motorcycles bumper sticker, a tire gauge and his book for a limited time the Ohio Motorcycle Bible .

Anthony has asked one  of his motorcycle riding attorney  buddies, Michael Ehline to join with him in starting this group BLUFMS. Michael is an inactive marine from California and is all about bikers. He just recently produced a video about his firms close relationship to bikers from all walks of life. Click on the link above to watch the video. 

Also when the Ohio Motorcycle Bible came out Anthony was interviewed by icon in the motorcycle community Jimmy Kay of Two Wheel Thunder TV. They discussed how this book can benefit you by giving motorcycle safety tips as well as legal tips on what to do if someone injures you. So you can get healed financially in case of a serious injury. See the video below.

The Ohio Motorcycle Bible is the guide to protecting Ohio

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