Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Attorney Gives Top Ten Reason To hire a Biker Lawyer

The general public has myths and prejudices about motorcycle riders. That's one of the reason's it is important to hire an attorney that rides a motorcycle if you have the unfortunate occasion to be hurt in a motorcycle wreck with a car driver that was at fault.

 Just look at the reporting of these accidents. The press always mentions the motorcycle rider did not wear a helmet. So what, that did not cause the accident.In Ohio if you have been riding a motorcycle for a year it is perfectly legal not to wear a helmet. This is not supposed to be admissible in evidence. So the issue needs to be faced squarely and firmly.

 There are many considerations that go into what lawyer you should hire if you are in a motorcycle accident. That is why I created this video with the link to the free ebook download top ten reasons to hire a motorcycle attorney that rides. So please take one minute to watch this video and then download the free ebook on the top ten reasons to hire a motorcycle accident attorney for your motorcycle accident serious injury claim.

 I do not mean to say that every lawyer that rides a motorcycle is capable of handling a serious motorcycle accident case. But if you find a great personal injury attorney and they ride a motorcycle then you have the best of both worlds.



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