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I Crashed My Harley Davidson Motorcycle in Cincinnati and Am Hurt What Now

If you crash your Harley Davidson Motorcycle or any other motorcycle in Cincinnati, or any part of Ohio as a Cincinnati Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer that rides let me makes some suggestions.

A lot of you play tough and try to walk of your injury . Many bikers are often more worried about their motorcycle than they are about their own well being. If you have any injury let yourself be transported to the nearest hospital to get checked out.

Your biggest concerns should be:

1. Your health
2. Getting fairly compensated for your injury
3. Your bike

I wrote a book the Ohio Motorcycle Bible that can walk you through the steps you need to take to protect yourself.

                                         YOUR HEALTH AFTER A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT

Make sure you go to the emergency room the day of the accident. You may not feel that bad, if you are lucky, but you never know what may be lurking such as a concussion head injury. Then seek follow up with your family doctor and have him direct your medical care. do not sdtay too long with a family doctor if you have orthopedic injuries. You will want to see a specialist.

Of course if you were obviously injured such as a broken arm, shoulder , leg or other injury , your care will be directed from the doctors that see you in the hospital. This is true especially if you have internal injuries. Once you get out of the hospital follow up with your doctor on a regular basis and do not allow gaps in treatment.

Also document your injury with photographs.

                                        Getting Fairly Compensated For Your Motorcycle Injury

You can call youe own motorcycle insurance company and report the accident. Do not allow the wrongdoers INSURANCE COMPANY TO TAPE YOUR STATEMENT AS ONE MISSTATEMENT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU.

Start a file and put everything about your accident in one place.

If you can not work inform your employer and provie them with a doctor's excuse and keep your own copy.

Do not allow there to be gaps in your medical treatment.

Follow your doctor's advice.

If you have a serious injury seek the help of an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer. Get someone local to Ohio and your area so the lawyer knows the customs in your local courts and can meet with you in person as often as necessary.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a strong likelihood that a motorcycle accident lawyer that rides and has handled motorcycle accidnts is likely able to put more inyour pocket even after attoreny fees come out than you could do for yourself. Without a lawyer the insurance company has no real incentive to pay you what your case is worth.

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