Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cincinnati Biker Life Great Radio Show For Motorcycle Events, guests and Music

Cincinnati Biker Life is a radio show about greater Cincinnati biker life on . The radio show is on every Thursday night from 8-10- PM. If you are in the greater Cincinnati radio listening area you can tune into the 4000 watt station at 88.3 FM.

Or if you are anywhere in the world you can go to the WAIF web site shown above and listen live over the internet or to this link  to listen live on the internet. Cincinnati Biker Life is the brain child of Cincinnati motorcycle lawyer Anthony Castelli. That's me. I thought it would be cool to explode myths about bikers, bring on interesting guests, talk about events past and future and play great music.

I am always looking for guests and events to announce. If you would like to be on the show or have an event to promote just contact me at or go to and like us and put your information on the wall.

This Thursday night Jimmy Huffman will be talking about the great American Ohio Motorcycle
Rally endurance ride that is having its first annual event . First prize is $250,000. The ain't chump change.
They will be leaving out of Columbus, Ohio and returning to Columbus Ohio.

So this riding season should be a joyous one. Listen in for Chopper Charlie's safety tips each week and a little of this a little of that .  Call us Thursday night between 8-10Pm est at the station 513-749-1444. We would love to hear about your biker life, story, tall tale, event , ride, organization, club .It's s your show. So please check us out.

Here is a link to a few of our past guests. We hope you can join us. Every Thursday night 8-10 pm 88.3 FM Cincinnati .