Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wrongful death in Ohio What is a Life Worth by Cincinnati Lawyer Anthony Castelli

Listen to this radio show Wrongful Death in Ohio What is a Life Worth by me Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney. wrongful-death-what-is-a-life-worth in Ohio

Sadly I have represented in the past  and I currently represent the family of a motorcyclist killed by the fault of another. This is called a wrongful death and family members can seek compensation for their loss thru the civil justice system. Listen to my take on why jury verdicts are not that high. It seems property is valued more than life thanks to big insurance's propganda.

Sure money will not bring the deceased back, but it is the only thing society has to make up for not only the financial loss but the emotional loss due to a life cut short by someone's neglect. We are guaranteed life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is the social contract we live by. If life is wrongfully taken justice moral fairness cries out for compensation to be paid. I guess we could go back to any eye for an eye. But what would that make us?

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